Sell a Yacht

Edmiston’s reputation as the deal-makers of the superyacht world is backed up by undeniable facts. Our brokers are the most agile and best connected in the industry, delivering our clients the fastest listings-to-sale ratio out there.


The number of superyachts sold over 30m in 2022


2022 increase of 70m+ yachts sold in comparison to 2021


On the market for just 46 days, HALO, sold by Edmiston, was the fastest selling yacht over 50m in the past two years


Total value of brokerage superyachts sold in 2022


The average last asking price of a Northern European yacht, between 40-60m, sold in 2022.

Edmiston sales team is renowned for getting results while always putting the client first. Owners know they can trust our insight and expertise.

Selling Advice

The factors of price and time are important in the sale of a superyacht, but we offer more sophisticated guidance to our owners than simply cutting prices to gain interest. The key sales time for any superyacht is the when it first comes to market and our brokerage team will always focus on highlighting the real stand-out features and conveying them against a price that maximises the yacht’s value.

Why you should buy a yacht before the summer

Why you should buy a yacht before the summer

We’re not slowing down when it comes to selling yachts, with 67 yachts over 30m sold since 2021, and our brokers continuing to sell them at twice the rate of most

Sales Team

Edmiston’s international sales team is renowned for its agility and as the deal-makers of the superyacht world. Our brokers are some of the most experienced out there, trusted by our clients, respected across the industry, covering every facet of yachting and supported by real-time in-house market data.