Edmiston & Farnborough Airport partnership soars to new heights

The world’s largest airside advertising installation has been unveiled at Farnborough Airport, where Edmiston clients can take advantage of a new seamless travel package

The new advertising installation airside at Farnborough Airport, Europe’s leading airport for premium air travel connectivity, has surpassed the United Arab Emirates’ international airport’s huge advertising site to become the largest of its kind in the world.

The new advertising installation is wrapped around the airport’s two-sided radar tower and includes two graphic panels, each 10.8m wide and 15.3m high, which when combined are bigger than both Dubai International Airport’s huge advertising hoarding and Fort Dunlop’s famous ‘Cometh the Hour’ advert.

Passengers enjoying the all-round luxury travel package provided by Farnborough Airport and Edmiston, won’t be able to miss it.

A luxury travel package provided by Farnborough Airport and Edmiston yacht charter services
Waiting room at Farnborough Airfield, partner of Edmiston yacht charter company

The seamless travel experience starts as passengers are ushered through the airport’s award-winning terminals, now blanketed in Edmiston red, to the new Edmiston Lounge, a sumptuous area where they will be cocooned in high-end comfort as they await their flight.

While here, passengers will be fully enveloped in the Edmiston world – all the while excitement for their impending yachting holiday building – as they are surrounded by stunning photography, objets d’art, and yacht models, while they are served delicious refreshments.

The new advertising installation is the latest step in Farnborough’s Brand Partnership Programme, which will see it partner with a series of big-name brand partners over time. The partnership with Edmiston is part of a wider development plan to enhance customer experiences, which is also seeing it invest £55m into a new hangar facility and commit to reduce both flying and onsite emissions through the introduction of Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil.

White and orange waiting room at Farnborough Airfield, partner of Edmiston yacht charter company
Farnborough airfield and Edmiston partnership advertising

Simon Geere, CEO of Farnborough Airport, says: “We are proud to launch our Brand Partnership Programme with the opening of the largest airside advertising installation in the world. We want to create enduring brand partnerships with progressive and like-minded companies who share our values and our markets. Farnborough Airport is delighted to be working with Edmiston as one such partner and we look forward to our customers enjoying the entire experience on their next visit to the airport.”

Jamie Edmiston, Chief Executive of Edmiston, says “Guests travelling through Farnborough Airport can now experience a slice of the Edmiston lifestyle whilst waiting for their flight. We will offer them the greatest service and comfort when using the jet terminal, much as they would receive on one of our yachts, providing a completely seamless service from sky to sea.”

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01 September 2022

Written by:

Caroline Munier