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We believe no holiday on earth compares to one on water and work to create unforgettable and unique superyacht charters for our clients. With access to an unrivalled fleet of charter yachts and a dedicated international team, we will ensure that your superyacht charter exceeds all your desires. Let us craft a holiday that is truly exceptional.

Private yacht charter


Create your perfect yacht charter holiday by choosing from the best superyacht destinations and let us deliver your personalised itinerary. Whether you seek exhilaration, tranquillity or a little of both, our curated destinations are the place to start your luxury yacht charter adventure.

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Motor Yachts to charter

The essence of luxury superyacht charter, our fleet of motor yachts covers every style, size and capability to ensure you will find the right yacht to make your charter dreams come true.

One of the best luxury sailing yachts for charter

Sailing Yachts to charter

Discover the soul of yachting with the Edmiston sailing yacht charter fleet. From noble ocean-going vessels to exhilarating racers, explore the finest selection of sailing yachts for charter.


Creating exceptional experiences

With unwavering dedication, our international charter team is primed to ensure you live a life of no limits by designing truly unique experiences. From unforgettable party charters to celebrate those special milestones, to off-the-beaten-track never to be repeated exhilarating escapades, we create life-changing memories. A charter yacht offers endless possibilities for unforgettable moments.

A group of people dancing on the deck of a party charter yacht

Party charter

A family celebration, a noted anniversary or maybe just an excuse to gather with friends in style? A yacht charter is the perfect choice. Not only will you enjoy unbeatable locations, your superyacht crew will be on hand to ensure this will be the party of a lifetime.

A family is enjoying the comforts of a luxurious yacht for charter

Family charter

A yacht charter is about bringing people together and experiencing memories to last a lifetime – it is the perfect family holiday. Let Edmiston create your luxury charter and unite your family across the generations.

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Adventure charter

We have exclusive access to the world’s most capable charter yachts and, working with our specialist expedition partners, will create bespoke charters to satisfy your inner explorer, from Antarctic adventures to Pacific passages.

Off-the-beaten-track yacht charter with two boats in the water next to a majestic waterfall

Off-the-beaten track

Embark on an extraordinary off-the-beaten-track charter with Edmiston. We will curate a selection of charter yachts capable of reaching hidden gems, untouched landscapes, and remote destinations, without compromising comfort, style, or service, ensuring an unmatched luxury experience no matter the destination.

Four people doing yoga on a yacht for charter

Wellness yacht charter

Whilst every Edmiston yacht charter will leave you feeling refreshed, some are able to deliver another level of wellbeing. Let us find the perfect yacht, crew or instructor to support your wellness plan and find the right locations to seek out your zen.

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Corporate yacht charter

Yachts make for the perfect, private, place to gather minds, launch ideas or impress clients. We can help you find the right location for your corporate yacht charter, whether you want to get you and your brand noticed or fly quietly under the radar.

New to yacht charter?

A luxury yacht charter is entirely dedicated to you. It grants you exclusive use of a superb yacht equipped with lavish amenities, spacious accommodations, and state-of-the-art facilities. You have the freedom to explore breathtaking destinations, while a dedicated crew attends to your every needs. On your luxury charter holiday, your happiness is our priority.

Let’s discuss what your perfect holiday looks like and leave the rest to us.


Why charter a luxury yacht with Edmiston?

A superyacht charter with Edmiston is about realising dreams and aspirations. No other holiday can compare, no other experience comes close. From the moment you leave the dockside, met by your yacht tender and crew, you will enjoy the ultimate in luxury, privacy and freedom.

The only way to truly understand the luxury of a yacht charter is to experience it for yourself. Superyacht charter style, comfort and service surpass the best resorts in the world. Your dedicated crew are on hand 24-7, your Captain ready to take you to the best locations, be that a hidden bay, only accessible from the water, or an iconic port where you can enjoy the best restaurants hand-picked for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your yacht charter depends on the yacht you are chartering. There is the charter fee, which covers the cost of the yacht, plus VAT calculated as a percentage of the charter fee and dependent on the country of embarkation, plus the APA - Advanced Provisioning Allowance. This is an account of your money managed by the captain to pay for fuel, marina/berth fees, food and drink provisions etc. throughout the charter. It is traditionally calculated at 30-35% of the charter fee. A breakdown of all APA costs incurred together with a proof of purchase will be presented to you on the last day of your charter and any remainder can be held on account or reimbursed. ​There is also a crew gratuity, which is customary but given at the client’s discretion. As an industry standard, this is generally between 10-20% of the charter fee.

Your crew is always ready to deliver on your wishes, however, anything you require on board, in terms of provisions, food, drink, restaurant reservations, spa treatments, is taken from the APA.

All the yachts offered by Edmiston are fully crewed. All the crew members are highly trained, offering luxury service to an exceptional level. Your crew are there for your every need, from when you start planning your holiday until the moment you step off the yacht at the end of your charter. Edmiston can also arrange for specialists to be added to your crew, if there is a particular instructor, guide or guru you want, let us know.

A week is the standard length of a yacht charter; however, clients regularly choose 10, 14 or more days. We have even had charters for 90 days. ​Occasionally, it is possible to charter a yacht for fewer days, something that is usually only possible during low season.

The popularity of global charters across the Caribbean, Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Scandinavia is growing but the Mediterranean remains, by far, the most popular destination, particularly in its summer months. The French Riviera, Amalfi Coast and Balearic Islands are charter favourites with the Greek islands ever-more popular.

A luxury yacht charter holiday is like no other. Your charter will be personalised and tailored to match your tastes and travel desires. It will meet and surpass your highest expectations, ​Edmiston’s charter team working to organise an unforgettable bespoke experience from the moment you leave home. The memories you create on a superyacht charter with family and friends will last a lifetime. The supreme levels of privacy, service and choice on board a superyacht are unparalleled. There are many private anchorages only our Captains know of, with access to beaches, coves and even hidden restaurants and beach clubs that no one else can get to. ​Our brokers have excellent knowledge of the most sought-after destinations to ensure that your itinerary is expertly tailored for your luxury adventure. Whether you are looking for quiet bays, beach parties or the newest restaurants on the scene, you will experience destinations like no other.