The Best Feadships on the Market

Feadship is in a class of its own. Driven by their uncompromising pursuit of perfection — they build desires, rather than yachts. As a brokerage, we love this philosophy. With each yacht, they take a blank page and an open mind, turning dreams into reality, building what we believe to be the very best superyachts.

Edmiston has a longstanding history of bringing Feadships to the market and ensuring the best results for our clients. We are the leading Feadship broker, having brokered more new build and brokerage Feadships than any other company. Over the last several years, we have had a 50% market share of Feadship deals over 40m, and equally our charter fleet includes some of the best Feadships available.

A brief history of Feadship

Feadship, as the brand it is known today, was formed by Royal Van Lent Shipyard (1849), Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw (1906) and De Voogt Shipyard (1913) and began trading as the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders (Feadship) in 1949. As a company, they have been at the forefront of the yachting industry ever since, constructing some of the most noteworthy builds of all time, led by innovative thinking, a willingness to take risks and an unwavering desire to achieve the unachievable.

Why buy a Feadship?

Owning a Feadship is the pinnacle of yacht ownership. They have this inherent quality that can only be truly grasped and appreciated by stepping onboard. From the inspiring interiors bought to life by the biggest names in design and the meticulously planned outdoor spaces, created with experience in mind, to the unsurpassable materials used and painstaking attention to detail. Every aspect, no matter how big or small is approached with the same level of care, enthusiasm, and prowess which has built Feadship into the pedigree name that it is today and has been, ever since they began.

Unparalleled interiors

As you walk through their interior spaces, it becomes clear what luxury truly means. The level of detail and perfection in the craftsmanship. The exquisite finish. The quality of materials they use from the finest timbers, stones, and metals. Everything about the build is pristine. Here, rooms become something much more than just a salon, or a cabin. They become an experience.

Feadship have brought Cristiano Gatto Design’s vision to life with Savannah, reimagining the conventional. Curved walls replace typical straight lines, glass encompasses every inch possible to welcome views wherever you are, and dark rosewood floors, polished columns, and a metallic finish is utilised throughout to create an opulent ambience that is unsurpassed.

W boasts an awe-inspiring interior, expertly finished by Feadship. Throughout, there is a modern and elegant ambience created through her stunning use of wooden panelling on her walls and mix of flooring patterns and types of timber. Off white textured furnishings create a calming balance, while the fusion of art deco and mid-century cabinetry create a sophisticated flare with rich character.

Lady Beatrice is a prime example. Her design steps back in time, greeting you with interiors that exude charm, from the marble touches and Athenian stone columns to the ornate wooden panelling and classical styling, she whisks you away to a bygone era of sophistication, expertly crafted by renowned designer Jon Bannenberg.

Experience the outdoors

Feadship recognises the relationship between the outdoor environment and exterior spaces and how together they coexist. The way these are presented is of equal importance to them.

Beach clubs create an extension of onboard lounging areas, placing you right by the water, while relaxing within the confines and comfort of your own yacht. Savannah embodies a modern and more minimalistic approach through her sleek lines and low-profile design with a swimming pool flanked by daybeds and loungers. W and A2 steers in the direction of a more traditional yachting design, crafting an elegant deck area to sit and enjoy refreshments, as well as bask in the sun with the water at your feet.

Sundecks, like onboard W and Olympus open to panoramic views, with al fresco dining areas positioned to bask in the sun and the atmosphere of your location, all masterfully constructed for comfort and finished to the highest degree through material choice and craftsmanship. Swimming pools and sunbeds become a private resort of their own, and bars and outdoor cinemas ensure the day never has to end.

Cruising capabilities

For true global cruising capabilities and long-haul stays, no one does it better than Feadship. With large fuel tanks, powerful engines, advanced stabilisation technology, and first-class level of construction, Feadships are incredibly reliable vessels. Because of their pedigree, comfort onboard is kept at a premium, with their interior and exterior spaces crafted to the highest degree, ensuring every moment onboard is a joy.

As time goes by, Feadship continues to advance the use of technology, creating breakthroughs that revolutionise the industry and provide new benchmarks for other shipyards to follow. Savannah is the world’s first electro-mechanic superyacht, which combined with her efficient hull and propulsion set-up provide up to 30 percent in fuel savings. This is a true feat for the future of yachting.

Charter possibilities

A yacht is never an investment. However, a Feadship comes pretty close. Because of their name, Feadships are highly desirable within the charter market. Making your yacht available for charter is not for everyone, but this is a great way to offset operational costs and can help with retaining quality, experienced crew members for longer. Savannah and Lady Victoria are amongst some of our most popular charter yachts that are continually booked throughout the summer and winter season.

Motor Yacht W for sale with Edmiston

Feadships for sale

Edmiston currently has a number of Feadships for sale, including Savannah, W, A2, Santa Maria, Iduna and Atalanta J — all offering prospective buyers the chance to enjoy the level of pedigree and luxury that this esteemed shipyard offers. For more information speak with our superyacht broker team today.


18 April 2024

Written by:

Jack Hartley