Edmiston at the 2017 Palma Refit Golf Tournament photo 1

Edmiston at the 2017 Palma Refit Golf Tournament

On Saturday 18th November, Edmiston returned to the Maioris Golf Course, Majorca, for Palma Refit’s annual charity golf tournament.

Edmiston joined 34 Captains for this fundraiser supporting two local Majorcan charities, Fundacìon Indig, defending the rights of children and adolescents, and the Shambhala Fundacìon, providing a safe environment and educational support for the homeless.

With players’ families on hand for some moral support, the tournament was, as ever, a great success with just the right amount of competition. The Edmiston bar was strategically positioned at the 9th hole in a bid to disrupt any serious play and even-up the field.

The day itself started with an early breakfast, followed by a hearty lunch. Later the all-important raffle and auction was held for the charities.

Representatives from Edmiston’s Charter, Sales, Management, and Crew divisions attended and we very much look forward to joining the fun in 2018.


Palma Refit

Based at the STP shipyard, Palma Refit offers a complete scope of refit solutions and project support services.

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A golf range with Edmiston flags at the 2017 Palma Refit Golf Tournament
A man hitting a golf ball across the water at a luxurious golf range during the 2017 Palma Refit Golf Tournament


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