Yacht Accounts

Attentive and transparent financial management is key to the success of your superyacht’s programme, whether in private operation or for charter.

Edmiston Yacht Management understands how important this is, and our accounting team offers bespoke financial management services. We work closely with the yacht's owner, representative, and captain to ensure careful budgeting and accounting are maintained. We will establish, maintain and monitor accounts then prepare and implement operational budgets. All of this will be presented to the client periodically, with the option of remote client access for real time financial data. Edmiston Yacht Management’s accounting team will also present financial audits, which detail actual expenditure against budgeting expenditures to make sure your program is on track.

Edmiston can arrange the acquisition of funds and organise payments to all suppliers and creditors, the crew payroll and any other yacht expenses – on time and within budget. Our team will also maintain relationships and organise arrangements with tax authorities and help secure VAT-free purchases where applicable. Our personalised approach means we take time to introduce owners and reps to reliable and reputable suppliers, ensuring access to the most competitive prices and quotes.

Yacht Accountant
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