Yacht Crew Recruitment

It is an uncontested truth that a crew is the most important working part of any yacht. Edmiston has a crew recruitment department and advises on training and embraces every level from captain to deckhand. We work with owners to define how they want their yacht to operate and then create an efficient structure for the crew to operate smoothly within.

Understanding people is what makes Edmiston such a good crew agency. We advise clients on the difference between what the regulations dictate and what is in their best interests. Finding crew and giving them our full support is the best guarantee that your yacht operates to the highest possible standard. In an industry where trust is so important, Edmiston gives you the insight to make informed decisions.

Formulating a career path, being a sounding board for ideas, frustrations and ambitions – Edmiston yacht managers have the benefit of hands-on experience. We know the opportunities and how to look after each individual. Inspiring loyalty to captain owner and yacht is one of our most invaluable services.

Who are the best candidates for each task? Which yachts are the best to work on (and why)? Ensuring pay levels are competitive, employment contracts are mutually fair and that safety is everyone’s priority. Edmiston has the advice, answers and opportunities for both owners and crew.

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