Guide to yacht construction

A new build yacht project can take many forms, from a so-called platform build that you personalise with interior options to a full custom project uniquely conceived from the keel up, with many levels and nuances inbetween.

Helping to decide the right type of new build project for you is part of Edmiston's mission.

Yacht Builders

Time versus choice is perhaps the biggest influencer when deciding which new build format is right for you. Each type of yacht construction project – platform, semi-custom or full custom – will offer different delivery times and levels of customisation.

A full custom yacht project, where every aspect is completely bespoke will naturally take the longest. Semi-custom is often an agreeable alternative, wherein an owner can customise the yacht’s interior and sometimes even the layout based on their individual needs but have a faster build time than a full custom.

No matter the project, Edmiston will help you find the best naval architects and designers to make your dream a reality. There are many important stages to a new build, from design and construction to crew recruitmentand delivery, and Edmiston’s experienced team is there for you every step of the way.

New Superyacht ready for launch
superyacht in construction warehouse
Superyacht hull receiving construction treatment
Yacht construction boat yard
inside construction warehouse for a superyacht
Superyachts new propeller
Superyacht construction worker
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