Superyacht Shipyards

There is only one way to get exactly what you want. Build your own yacht. Edmiston has a long and proven track record of helping clients realise their dreams, putting together the best team and transforming a concept into reality.

What type of yacht do you want? With more choice than ever, advanced engineering has become the great enabler. Knowing which shipyard is the best choice for your specific project is fundamental. Our expertise on practicality, future proofing and ensuring regulatory compliance are other important factors. Insight, like hindsight, is a wonderful thing.

Choosing the right designer to interpret your brief is key factor in a successful team. Choosing interior and exterior designers adds another dimension. Indeed working with your own designer is yet another option. Radical ideas, beautifully crafted build quality, new paint finishes, exterior lines and layouts – Edmiston knows how to deliver the unusual.

Knowing your project within the context of the market is important. Taking advantage of semi custom series or starting from a blank sheet of paper – we know each shipyard’s track record. Available build slots, value for money, understanding which technology delivers results and others that are more vanity than sanity; Intelligence makes a big difference to the success of your new yacht.

Think of the life that you want and we'll show you the yacht that you need.

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