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New Construction – ANDROMEDA

In collaboration with Dutch shipbuilder Feadship and three top designers, Edmiston have developed a concept for what they believe is the ultimate superyacht. ANDROMEDA is one of the most highly specified and technically accomplished 67m yachts on the water. She is designed to be a gentleman’s cruising yacht, created in the true spirit of a traditional Feadship motor yacht.

Classic in style, yet with all the features, amenities and systems of a modern Feadship motor yacht her design has focused around Feadship heritage with the brief of modernising the gentleman’s cruising yacht. Edmiston have worked with Claydon Reeves, Adam Lay Studio and the 2013 World Superyacht Award winners Eidsgaard Design to work out initial themes following this brief, creating early designs for a range of potential clients, with the ability for them to be personalised. This means the Owners can benefit from a shortened delivery time yet still have the freedom to customise the decorative elements of the yacht.

Basic specifications for the yacht’s design are a length of 67m and for the vessel to be a steel displacement yacht with a range of 5,000 miles, a top speed of 16 knots and a volume of between 1,500GT and 2,000GT. Lifestyle requests from our very own Robert Shepherd are also part of the parameters for the yacht. ‘I thought carefully about a wish list from what I’ve learnt over the last 10 years, both working on large yachts and as a charter and sales broker,’ he says. This ‘wish list’ included a large pool, beach club, gym with views, seven staterooms in a flexible layout, a helipad, large windows and a range of safety features for both young and old.

ANDROMEDA’s exterior styling is the work of Claydon Reeves whose design ‘embraces classic styling with the most modern shipbuilding technology,’ says Dimitris Hadjidimos, a partner at the studio. Featuring a rounded stern and long overhangs, she has a classic ship-style funnel and full-height windows in both the main and upper saloons.

Focused on creating ‘majestic’ styling, Peder Eidsgaard, creative director of Eidsgaard Design says, ‘Our vision includes high ceilings and a regal appearance disguising state-of-the-art onboard systems.’ This, combined with the Adam Lay Studio’s commitment to keeping the look of a traditional Feadship and the shipyards own involvement in water-level amenities, which include a float-in tender dock that becomes a seawater swimming pool when the boat is out, and a glass ceiling over the beach club, has the makings of a superb luxury superyacht.

Delivery of ANDROMEDA is expected to be in 2016, depending on the specifications, and we are pleased to be managing the entire construction process, ensuring the project is delivered precisely on time and within budget.

Andromeda is like the very best of past, present and future - she will be quite a yacht - Arthur Van Berge Henegouwen, Royal Van Lent Feadship

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