Broker Q&A - Part III photo 1

Broker Q&A - Part III

Edmiston brokers predict the big news and moves for the 2017 season.

What will be this year’s trend?

Charlotte Colburn  “To explore new horizons. I think clients increasingly want to visit more far-flung places and experience something unique.”

Timon Fisher  “Distress and spec stock deals - he who dares wins.”

James Lloyd  “Glass, lots of it.”

Top three yachts for cuisine?

Charlotte Colburn  “Lady Britt, Seanna and Geosand.”

Timon Fisher  “I should be so lucky.”

James Lloyd  “Savannah, Talitha and Lady Britt”

If you could change one thing?

Charlotte Colburn  “The ever-changing VAT situation!”

Timon Fisher  “More big yacht berths right across the Mediterranean.”

James Lloyd  “The 500 GRT limit should be 650 GRT, the rules need to grow with the yachts.”



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