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The health of the marine environment has always been an important duty of care issue for Edmiston. We recognise that everyone has a cause to which they feel impassioned and a desire to directly affect change. New initiatives are the Island Preservation funds and Plastic Oceans. Consider our five and choose where you want to make a difference.


" Just 2 per cent of all philanthropic donations go towards preserving and even reversing the decline in natural biodiversity. Island Preservation Funds were started in the belief that people give and do more about places to which they have a connection.

Our first initiative, set up in Ibiza, concerned five themes: marine conservation, landscape and food production conservation, fresh water provision, waste management and renewable energy production. The Ibiza Preservation Fund was an instant success and we now have Funds in Mallorca and Menorca, Italy’s Aeolian Islands, the Cyclades in Greece and St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean.

We focus on highly qualified local individuals who are best placed to understand ecological and management issues.

They also have the not inconsiderable interest of making the environment better for their families, friends and the wider community.

While this is an appeal for donations, it is also the opportunity for you to become involved, to see where your money goes and to actively meet and even participate in the works – for an hour, a morning or as long as you wish. " Ben Goldsmith

For more information visit aeolianpreservationfund.org


The foundation was set up to protect the environment and encourage sustainable development. Initiatives include the planting of a trillion trees, encouraging environmentally responsible waste management on small islands as well as broader studies of biodiversity, the conservation of endangered species, combating ocean acidification and increasing marine protected areas.

For more information visit fpa2.org


Edmiston has been working with Blue Marine since its inception. Dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing.

With fourteen initiatives spanning the globe, activities include work in Lyme Bay in the UK, the plight of sturgeon in the Caspian Sea, safeguarding coral in Belize and protecting the Chagos archipelago in the Indian Ocean

For more information visit bluemarinefoundation.com


Blue Sphere Foundation is focused on activities to safeguard the oceans halting the destruction of threatened marine species and their habitats. They believe in direct investigative action, activism to af fect change and education through communications such as films and other multimedia projects.

Their work currently includes investigation into the overfishing of tuna, highlighting the plight of West Papua’s threatened biodiversity and a blueprint for eco-resorts.

For more information visit fpa2.org.bluespherefoundation.org


This is the latest direct Edmiston initiative in conjunction with Plastic Oceans. Conscious of the issue of plastic water bottles being discarded into the ocean, Edmiston is producing reusable aluminium bottles to be distributed to crew, visitors and our own staff at events such as Le Voile de Antibes and Voiles de St Tropez ragattas and the MYBA, Lybra and Monaco Yacht Shows.

In addition, we are screening a special edit of the highly emotive Plastic Oceans film.

For a set of aluminium bottles for your friends and family contact your Edmiston broker or go Edmiston.com


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