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The Edmiston adventures of 2019

For 2019, adventure is the name of the game. Go in search of polar bears or snorkelling elephants, meet penguins, swim with hammerheads, spot narwhals, sit tight under the flight path of a golden eagle and be part of research and preservation projects.

Meet tribesmen, trek rain forests, see astonishing sights and feel secure about being insecure because our support team is with you, every step of the way.

Aboard your yacht you will travel in incredible comfort, enjoy the finest cuisine and be cared for by a crew dedicated to providing wonderful service.

Let us plan an adventure to the poles, the tropics, but particularly the exotics: huge landscapes, fascinating people and incredible wildlife. Talk to Edmiston for the experience of a lifetime.

In putting together these experiences Edmiston manages a team of experts such as Cookson Adventures, EYOS and Life Butler.

Cookson Adventures
Founded in 2009, Cookson Adventures is involved in expeditions and conservation projects working alongside scientists and marine biologists. Henry Cookson, the company’s founder, is a Guinness World Record holder for the first expedition to the Southern Pole of Inaccessibility.

Life Butler
With a top team of talented individuals, Life Butler provides on-board specialists for wellness, nutrition and fitness. They have over 200 Life Butlers worldwide and can also provide scuba diving guides and instructors.

Eyos Expeditions
For over a decade EYOS Expeditions have acted as team leaders, taking clients to the most wild and untouched places on Earth. Drawing up itineraries from pole to pole and throughout the tropics, their world-renowned guides ensure a safe and unforgettable experience.

Antarctica - Cookson Adventures

Few places are more dramatic or challenging than the Antarctic. Charter a yacht supported by helicopters, submersibles, ice pilots and wildlife experts.

Nothing can prepare you for the sheer scale of the icebergs. Kayak, paddleboard, scuba-dive and sleep out on the ice overnight with the entire adventure captured on film so that you have your own movie for posterity.

Create your own agenda. For example, Cookson fulfilled a client’s ambition by setting up a month-long research project to find a new species of killer whale. What is your dream adventure?

Vanuatu - Eyos Expeditions

Vanuatu is a remote Pacific archipelago of 83 islands. You will be welcomed by women who make music by slapping their hands in the water to produce amazing sounds and rhythms.

Visit Pentecost Island and witness the ancient ritual of land diving as men jump from high towers with only vines attached to their ankles.

Sit at the crater rim of yasur volcano on Tanna Island watching lava trace a red arc as it is thrown into the night sky.

Dive the huge wreck of the SS President coolidge still intact with seaplanes and vehicles. This is some of the best wreck diving anywhere in the world.

Wellness & Fitness - Life Butler

Perhaps your greatest challenge for 2019 is getting fit, recuperating from illness or improving your day-to-day wellness. Wherever you choose to cruise, Tee and Dr Sally are a team that will come on board to revitalise the overall quality of your physical wellbeing.

Dr Sally is a naturopathic medicine specialist and nutritionist. She designs each client’s dietary routine combining conventional medicine, holistic evaluation and scientific lab work. She then guides the on-board chef to create a cuisine that is healthy and delicious. (Aimed at your health goals).

Her protocol goes hand-in-hand with each client’s tee programme. Tee is a highly respected personal trainer experienced with the US Marines and Olympic athletes. Discarding self-imposed limitations, your custom-created programme considerably improves physical and mental strength. Work in the gym, pool, sea and on deck will be enjoyable and an inspiring way to achieve your objectives.

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