New England, a new charter experience for this summer* photo 1

New England, a new charter experience for this summer*

With a hugely diverse landscape for such a small area – from a narrow coastal plain to rolling hills, expansive rivers and tiny inlets, and a plethora of sheltered harbours dotted around it’s intricately mapped coastline – New England is a veritable playground for yachting that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Hamptons

Every summer, New Yorkers escape the heat of Manhattan by heading to the east end of Long Island, where an entirely different and refreshing region of New York awaits. The Hamptons are where people go to unwind. Between the private beach trails, dramatic dunes and shingled windmills, it is the perfect environment for relaxation.

The Hamptons are a collection of villages and hamlets in the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, and although they mostly share the same stretch of sand and ocean, each community possesses a distinct personality and social calendar of its own. From luxury estates and chic shopping in Southampton, to top-notch restaurants in East Hampton, white sand beaches in Westhampton, and surf-worthy waves in Montauk, the Hamptons provide endless options for an accessible, luxurious lifestyle.

Block Island, RI

Block Island may only be seven miles long by three miles wide, but its majestic rolling hills and exceptional views leave a lasting impression. The island was settled in 1661 by 16 families who came from the English colony of Massachusetts, and has transformed from a farming  and fishing town into a growing tourism spot. But you won’t find any franchised restaurants here, or even Uber for that matter, but you can always count on a delicious bowl of New England clam chowder from the selection of mom-and-pop restaurants in town. Most of the island’s restaurants are seasonal, however, the mainland restaurants will deliver food to the island via New England Airlines. 

Caribbean-blue waters surround the island, perfect for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, parasailing, surfing or just simply sitting back to relax on the beach. Twenty-eight miles of walking trails provide a multitude of ways to take in the island’s natural beauty. One hiking spot in particular is the 150-acre Clay Head Preserve. Explore its trail known as “The Maze” for a memorable journey with what might be the most sensational views in all of New England. In addition to hiking, you can tour the island by bike, moped or horseback.

Nantucket, MA

A small island about 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod is known as Nantucket, which serves as a town and county all in one. This beautiful, wind-weathered island is full of culture, class and undeniable style. Its cobblestone streets are lined with quaint homes, many of them featuring roof decks, whilst its 110-mile coastline is filled with pristine beaches. Nearly all are free and open to the public. Noteworthy shore spots include Seaside Beach with great swimming and a bicycle/skate path, and also Madaket Beach, the island’s best coastal location for admiring the sunset.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Just below Cape Cod’s southwestern tip is the extraordinary island of Martha’s Vineyard, one of the most unique and visually stunning places in the world. Its name originated in the early 17th century, when English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold led a single ship across the Atlantic Ocean and landed on a place he called Cape Cod, due to the copious amount of cod fish in its waters. In addition to the abundance of wild grapes on the island, Gosnold chose the name ‘Martha’s Vineyard’ in honor of his daughter, Martha, who had passed away as an infant.

After being discovered by the English, Martha’s Vineyard started out as a farming and fishing community. It was also home to one of the earliest known deaf communities in the country, dating back to the late 1600s. The village developed their own Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language over a hundred years prior to the creation of modern-day American Sign Language. 

Commonly recognized as Nantucket’s counterpart, Martha’s Vineyard is made up of six towns. The town of Oak Bluffs is where you will find one-of-a-kind, elaborately decorated homes known as ‘gingerbread cottages’. Not too far down the road is the iconic Flying Horses Carousel, the oldest continuously operating platform carousel in the country. Built in 1876, the carousel features wooden horses with real horsehair manes. 

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