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Looking for something more exotic this summer

The Sea of Cortez and French Polynesia are both excellent charter destinations where you can enjoy a luxurious holiday without the crowds.

Our summer charter dreams are finally about to be realised but before you jump straight in and book for your usual cruising ground, it’s worth considering these lesser-visited locations for a charter that offers the perfect balance of isolation and out-of-this-world cruising.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Sea of Cortez, a 60,000-square-mile gulf that separates the Baja California peninsula from the Mexican mainland, is one of the best places to dive in the world and its marine biology is so diverse that French explorer Jacques Cousteau famously called it ‘the world’s aquarium.’

On a Sea of Cortez yacht charter, you can view incredible wildlife from the comfort of your sun deck or step ashore to discover this culturally rich region.

For more adventure, drop anchor in the turquoise waters around Los Islotes, where you can swim with hundreds of sea lions, or jump in a kayak and nose into the sea caves that tunnel into the island of Espíritu on a private expedition.

Meanwhile, the idyllic islands of French Polynesia have long captured the world’s imagination, with their tropical landscapes, dazzling white-sand beaches, shallow lagoons, crystal-clear azure waters and mountains that rise sharply out of the ocean.

French Polynesia’s most famous collection of islands, the Society Islands, include Tahiti and Bora Bora, which have become synonymous the world over with romance and exoticism.

With uncrowded ports, deserted beaches, excellent and abundant anchorages and a superb tropical climate for most of the year, these sirens of the South Pacific offer the perfect blend of ocean and lagoon sailing.

Adventure seekers will enjoy hiking through dense jungles to discover ancient petroglyphs and sacred sites, diving along vibrant coral reefs replete with fish and marine life and befriending the locals over fresh fish and refreshing cocktails.

You’ve waited long enough, so make this summer one to remember with a charter to one of these underrated faraway destinations. French Polynesia will be officially open for charter from the 15th July.

For more information on chartering this summer and a wider selection of yachts available in the Sea of Cortez or French Polynesia, contact us.




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