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Discover Croatia on a superyacht charter

Croatia’s archipelagos are the most distinctive in the Mediterranean. Enjoy the calm of a secluded beach, explore the lavender-edged forests or take the tender into town to discover some of Europe’s most fascinating history.

This part of the world is now firmly on the map as a desirable destination for discerning travellers. And it is truly stunning. Croatia ahas over 3,600 miles of coastline and 1,100 islands, including some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches and pristine nature.


The ancient walled city of Dubrovnik is Croatia’s ultimate ultra-fashionable destination. If you missed the golden age of the French Riviera you’ve got a second chance, because the Croatian golden age is now underway.

This gorgeous medieval city has everything you could possibly want, including fine dining restaurants, exclusive boutiques and beautiful surroundings. The beaches are another big draw. They range from pebbles to white sand, and the impossibly clear water can be balmy even early in the year.

If culture’s on your agenda the Museum of Modern Art offers a cool, shady spot to unwind just a few steps from Banja beach. Even the building itself is a work of art: it’s a vast neo-Renaissance villa originally built for one of the city’s wealthiest residents. While you’re here, walking the city’s walls is a must. Early evening is the best time to visit, when the pink light glows on the city’s ochre rooftops, making the whole scene even more beautiful.


Mljet is the most beautiful and most forested island in the Adriatic, and one of the loveliest pearls of the whole Mediterranean. With its pristine natural environment, rich traditions, olive groves, vineyards and forests, it’s the ideal place to completely unwind.

Mljet National Park makes up most of the island, and there are several villages, two saltwater lakes and a Benedictine monastery. Preserved from the Illyrian period, the many fortifications and tombs are part of the valuable heritage of this island.


The longest island in the Adriatic and the most famous of Croatia’s islands, Hvar holds the local record for the highest number of sunny days per year, and holds the international distinction of being the Dalmatian Coast’s answer to St. Tropez.

Anchor at one of the picturesque inlets and bays along its coast to take advantage of the gorgeous waters and surroundings to swim, kayak, or water ski. Or head straight to the Hvar Town for beautiful people, stylish cafés and restaurants and a vibrant nightlife scene, all set against the backdrop of a well-preserved medieval town.


Approximately 2,000 years old, Split is the largest town in Dalmatia and has long been an important centre of trade for the Adriatic and eastern Mediterranean. The city grew up around and within the huge palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, which is still the largest and best-preserved late-antique palace in the world.

Wander the city streets and you’ll see evidence of how harmoniously the annexing and partitioning that occurred in the later centuries of the Roman Empire shaped the city.

These days, Split is still a blend of ancient and new, with the Roman aqueducts still providing water and  lively cafés and bars lining the streets. It’s a delightful place to be, whether you’re lounging on the beach, perusing fresh produce and handicrafts in the outdoor markets, exploring ancient churches, dining on fresh fish overlooking the ocean or making friends at the numerous bars and cafés.

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