Broker's choice: Edmiston Experts’ Favourite Charter Destinations photo 1

Broker's choice: Edmiston Experts’ Favourite Charter Destinations

The last few years have seen a surge in demand for luxury yacht charters in far-flung and more unique destinations.

With a superyacht and a hugely experienced crew, the world is your oyster when it comes to discovering secluded beaches, vibrant hidden gems and once in a lifetime destinations.

But who better to guide us in the right direction for best ‘still-to-be-discovered’ spots for a totally unique yacht charter holiday than the ones who make a living seeking out these places? From pristine beaches on lesser-visited Caribbean islands to the ultimate adventure-seeking experience in sub-zero temperatures, these are our charter team’s top tips for your trip of a lifetime.

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Costa Rica

Recommended by: charter broker Charlotte Hanlon

“Costa Rica offers a stretch of coastline perfect for exploring by yacht, with the Pacific coastline feeling particularly untouched,” says Charlotte Hanlon. “Starting in Golfito to the south and working your way up to Papagayo in the north, there is so much to see and do. Learn to surf, spearfish tuna, watch whales and spinner dolphins, jet ski through the everglades. Ashore there is as much to do as on the water with jungle treks, zip lining, visiting the volcano, thermal springs and waterfalls. As one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries, it is certainly a showstopper when it comes to charter destinations.”

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Recommended by: charter broker Anne Lebernicheux

“For an exciting and off-the-beaten-track location, I couldn’t recommend a charter trip around Antarctica more highly,” says Monte Carlo-based Charter Broker Anne Lebernicheux. It offers a chance to experience one of the most remote locations in the world, the experience of a lifetime for clients in search of inspiration and adventure among Antarctica’s pristine landscapes.

Observing Antarctica’s exceptional wildlife is naturally one of the main draws - it’s home to penguins, elephant seals and seabird breeding colonies that cruise around the South Shetland Islands. On a charter holiday, you might be lucky enough to see Weddell and Crabeater seals resting on the ice floe, and witness whales rise to breathe at the water’s surface. To get a deeper understanding of the animals who live here, visit one of the scientific research stations or former whaling stations scattered throughout the peninsula.

Aside from wildlife, you can sail into the caldera of an active volcano and take a quick dip in the water warmed by geothermal activity below Deception Island, or cruise through the ice in the spectacular Gerlache strait and Lemaire channel. On land, hike to the top of a hill in Paradise Bay for striking views that overlook the mammoth-sized glaciers, and don’t forget to send a postcard from the only post office on the Antarctica peninsula in Port Lockroy. Finally, the most adventurous guests may wish to meander in and around the icebergs in sea kayaks.

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Coiba Islands, Panama

Recommended by: charter broker Charlotte Hanlon

Panama’s Pacific coast offers diverse nature, landscapes, and plenty of activities, making it an unusual yet deeply rewarding destination for an adventurous charter holiday over the winter months. The Coiba Islands in the Gulf of Chiriquí are gloriously untouched and unexplored. Encompassing 38 islands, the marine reserve has remained so pristine in part because it was a prison until 2004, meaning tourists were banned. The islands are now a national park and UNESCO world heritage site known for their diverse marine life, and boast beautiful secluded beaches, perfect for island hopping and leisurely beach days. Charter Broker Charlotte Hanlon explains that “days here are filled with diving, whale watching and snorkelling,” before returning to the comfort of your yacht for an elegant dinner. On shore, the verdant islands are filled with jungles, waterfalls and rare birds, and are home to species such as the white-faced monkey.

San Blas Islands

Recommended by: Edmiston President Robert Shepherd

Located off the Isthmus of Panama, this cluster of over 300 islands and cays merges a South Pacific feeling in the Caribbean. “It’s a wonderful destination for sailing, with idyllic white sand atolls marked only by the odd coconut tree,” says Robert Shepherd, President at Edmiston & Company. On shore the larger islands, you can enjoy fresh lobster or red snapper grilled over coals, followed by an abundance of tropical fruit.

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St Vincent and the Grenadines

Recommended by: charter broker Charlotte Hanlon

The chain of southern Caribbean islands known as St Vincent and the Grenadines is made up of around 22 beautiful islands, including Bequia and Mustique, as well as other uninhabited islands like Tobago Quays and Baliceaux. “The Grenadines tend to be less touristy than the northern Caribbean islands, which is part of the appeal,” Charlotte explains. “They offer peace, tranquillity and stunningly picturesque beaches, whilst boasting plenty of activities you wish to explore the volcano on St Vincent, trek the waterfalls of Grenada or even give scuba diving or deep sea fishing a go.”

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French Polynesia

Recommended by: charter broker Anne Lebernicheux

French Polynesia’s remote atolls - sinking volcanoes surrounded and protected by coral reefs - are quite different to your normal superyacht destination, but that’s exactly the magic. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean and thousands of miles from anywhere, there are more than 100 islands spreading over 1200 miles. Anne conjures up an inviting image: “Think turquoise lagoons, soft white sand and verdant green islands, as you explore some of the most remote areas of this world like the Society Islands, Tuamotu, Gambier or the Marquesas.” The northernmost islands are some of the most spectacular: in Fakarava and Rangiroa, you’ll find lagoons so immense they’re classified as biosphere reserves, and it’s common to see huge pods of friendly dolphins feeding in the path of the incoming tide.

Bora Bora and Tahiti are the most visited, with the latter especially famous for surfing, thanks to Teahupo’o - one of the largest and most famous waves in the world. Between here and Moraya, a fast flow of water means you can sometimes see huge pods of humpback whales coming to feed.

Thanks to the protection of the reefs, super yachts will find great anchorage throughout the French Polynesian atolls regardless of which direction weather is coming from. A calm sea and strong trade winds make a perfect environment for water sports, too.


Recommended by: charter broker Vanessa Lebreton

Although the Seychelles is a popular destination for winter sunshine, there aren’t nearly as many yacht cruises here, so a peaceful charter is guaranteed even in peak season. The largest islands are Mahé, Silhouette and Praslin, but there are 115 islands in total, many of which are wild and uninhabited. The Seychelles have an inviting average temperature of between 25 and 30ºC all year round, and more beaches than you can ever hope to visit in one lifetime.

There are two UNESCO World Heritage sites, and world class diving, snorkelling and hiking to be enjoyed. For those looking to get to know the local culture, there’s an incredible mix of African, Asian and European influences on offer. Vanessa explains that “chartering a yacht in the Seychelles opens the door to discovering various hidden anchorages,” giving you exclusive access to untouched beaches.   

Galapagos Islands

Recommended by: charter fleet manager / broker Holly Huffstetler

Thanks to the remote location and strict limits put in place to control over-tourism and protect the environment, “the Galapagos Islands is a destination where you’ll hardly see any other superyachts,” according to charter fleet manager and broker Holly Huffstetler. For nature enthusiasts though, chartering a yacht is unparalleled as a way of discovering what the islands have to offer. The calm, clear water makes for excellent snorkelling right off the boat as well as in designated reserves, and the islands are world famous for bird watching. There’s always a great abundance of sea life, but make sure to visit at the right time of year to see penguins and other wildlife, and catch the best visibility.

Here below you will find a selection of yachts with availability this winter. And, if these insider tips have sparked an idea for a more unusual charter holiday this year, get in touch with one of our experts here to learn more about how we can make that reality.




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