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Who is winning the hundred metres?

For many years the German superyard Lürssen ruled the waves in the construction of 100 metre yachts. While numerically that may still be true, an extraordinary increase in orders has created competition. A Dutch shipyard is muscling into the market. And it is not Feadship.

For a decade or more, Lürssen has built most of the world’s finest yachts above 90 metres. Indeed the world’s longest and largest (by volume) were both built by the shipyard.

Year on year they have delivered a huge tonnage of top yachts in a roll call that includes 156 metre Dilbar, 106 metre Amadea and 91 metre Lady Lara.

This year they have launched 136 metre Shu, 135 metre Crescent and 111 metre Tis.

While Feadship consistently launches yachts of over 90 metres, (96 metre Faith and 92 metre Aquarius) they delivered 101 metre Symphony in 2015 but have only just exceeded that this year with 110 metre Anna. The surprise shipyard is Oceanco. In 2017 they delivered both the largest motor and sailing yachts ever built in Holland, 110 metre Jubilee and 106 metre Black Pearl. This year 90 metre Dar is already with her owner and 109 metre Bravo will soon be completed.

While future projects are rightly respected with secrecy, the position of these three shipyards looks increasingly fluid.

Feadship has three 90 metre plus yachts due before 2021 while Lürssen and Oceanco both have four, of which each has two over 100 metres.

There is another factor to consider. While no one could say that Lürssen produces anything other than yachts of the highest quality, Oceanco could maintain that their yachts are more individual – a crown that Feadship has claimed for many years. Although style is dictated by designers and owners, there is now a definite question of whether to commission another superb Lürssen or an interesting new Oceanco or Feadship.

Edmiston was responsible for the breakthrough yacht at Feadship, 99 metre Madame Gu. We have also chartered more of the largest yachts than any other broker, and have a thorough understanding of the technical challenges and shipyard capabilities. If you have a project in mind come and talk to a broker that knows the best shipyard to realise your ambitions.


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