Italian Shipyards

Italian Shipyards

Italy is fast catching up at building the very largest yachts. Benetti has 4 yachts of over 90 metres. Prices are on average 25 per cent less than north European shipyards.

At 30 metres and above, Italy has more than one-third of the entire new yacht market. Of the 863 deliveries between 2011 and 2015, 319 were built in Italy. There are 120 major shipyards, more than three times the next best country. Italy has 174 yachts under construction, nearly three times as many as their closest competitor. In terms of the number of yachts built and their value for money, Italy rules the waves. From a 33 metre Benetti Tradition through to the 140 metre Fincantieri, Ocean Victory, Italy gives buyers more choice than any other yacht-building nation.

While it is arguable that there is such a thing as Italian style, it would be wrong to believe there is an Italian standard. Like everywhere else there are price and quality thresholds and it is entirely possible to get a good yacht from an average shipyard or an average yacht from a well-known name.

Management is the key issue. Day-to-day persistence, no compromising and ensuring that the yacht is built to your agreed specifications are the key factors. Edmiston’s experience makes an enormous difference.


Based in Viareggio, Sanlorenzo has a wide range of yachts in aluminium and steel. The company has refocused recently and now has some very clever designs that have had an instant impact in the market.

With several different layouts, their 43 metre explorer yacht has clearly captured the imagination of clients with four sales in one year. With delivery in 18 months from order and priced at €23m, we recommend this yacht wholeheartedly.

Currently under construction is a 52 metre steel yacht with a floodable garage. An innovative beach club keeps the yacht under 500GT although the yacht has the atmosphere of something much larger. Delivery is within 14 months and the asking price is €32.8m.


By number of yachts sold, Benetti is the largest superyacht builder in the world. Their output embraces almost every category: composite semi-production yachts from 30 to 50 metres and steel displacement from 50 to over 100 metres. Benetti will almost certainly have a yacht that suits your requirements.

Prices are subject to negotiation but their yachts are good value and the shipyard has unmatched capacity and resources.

Designed by a car stylist in California, the 50 metre Benetti Fisker is a radical concept that can be delivered within 24 months and with an asking price of €32m. Windows span the entire width of the master suite that also includes a floating fireplace. Outside space is exceptional.


Also near La Spezia, Baglietto is one of the great names of Italian shipbuilding. Now with sound financial backing, the shipyard is building some of Italy’s best yachts and working closely with the renowned designer Francesco Paszkowski.

The recently completed 54 metre displacement yacht was very different to anything they, or almost any other Italian shipyard, has built. With a steel hull and over 700GT of volume, the layout and quality standards have elevated this shipyard to a new level.

As a result, everything they learnt has been used in their latest 55 metre yacht (picture above) which is complete and for sale at €38.5m.

The latest hull in their highly regarded ‘Fast’ series is under construction. 46 metres (picture at the top of the page), under the 500GT threshold, with a 28 knot performance and sleeping 10 guests, we think this is the best quality Italian sports yacht. For delivery in June this year and priced at €28.5m.


Wider is a new shipyard on the east coast of Italy near Ancona. Recently inspected by Edmiston brokers, the Wider 150 is a remarkable yacht with features and ideas that are game-changers: a garage in the bow and a floodable seven-metre pool in the stern, (it is also a drive-in garage) fold-down platforms around the 90 square metre beach club and a retracting roof over a foredeck lounge.

On top of these design ideas is hybrid propulsion, using both diesel electric and battery power alone. Available immediately, the asking price is €26m.


24 March 2016

Written by:

Caroline Munier