Edmiston Intelligence 2022 - Edition 21

T H E B U S I N E S S O F Y A C H T I N G Edition 21 Summer 2022 Sailing Solo around the world 9,400 MILE RANGE, SOLO THE GLOBAL CRUISER Read about how conventional power is an alternative. KISS JUST UNDER 50M HELIOS JUST UNDER 60M The two best yachts of their size available for purchase. TWIZZLE ZERO COMPROMISE Own the Royal Huisman ketch that is simply unrivalled. ART SAIL – PAINTING ON A BIGGER CANVAS Make a bigger splash across the entire sail suite. AMELS, TANKOA, HEESEN AND BENETTI How to buy on the fly and avoid waiting time. 8 IDEAS FOR CHARTER AUTUMN INTO WINTER Cool scene in the Caribbean, adventure in Asia. And more. 72metres of original design showing how extreme custom building pays dividends.