Edmiston Intelligence 2021 - Edition 18

MANGUSTA 110 LENGTH: 34m / 110ft GUESTS: 9 in 4 cabins MAX SPEED: 33 knots DRAFT: 1.7m / 5.6ft PRICE: US$7.5m Good value, the only 110 available in the Americas. CUSTOM LINE 108 LENGTH: 33m / 108ft GUESTS: 11 in 5 cabins MAX SPEED: 26 knots DRAFT: 2.1m / 6.89ft PRICE: €10.9m Excellent deck space and 1,100nm cruising range. LAZZARA 92 LENGTH: 28m / 92ft GUESTS: 8 in 4 cabins MAX SPEED: 26 knots DRAFT: 1.47m / 4.83ft PRICE: US$3.4m Shallow draft is ideal for cruising the Bahamas ELECTRIC ELEGANCE LENGTH: 12.5m / 41ft GUESTS: 2 in 1 cabin MAX SPEED: 45 knots DRAFT: 0.5m / 1.6ft PRICE: Please enquire Eco-electric power with electrifying pace. PEARL 95* LENGTH: 29m / 98ft GUESTS: 8 in 4 cabins MAX SPEED: 28 knots DRAFT: 2.1m / 6.9ft PRICE: US$7.995m Striking design, the 95 is the flagship of the Pearl range. MIAMI’S INTRACOASTAL RESIDENCES offer a yachting experience beyond almost any other city in the world. Walk down to your private dock and cruise into the city for dinner, downtown for shopping or out to the beaches for the day. Take, for example, six-bedroom Villa Contenta on Palm Island. This 35,000ft estate looks over Biscayne Bay and includes a large waterfall pool, Jacuzzi, gym, cinema, volleyball court, outdoor barbecue, six-car driveway and that private dock. Contenta is one of the largest estates on the island and has an asking price of US$25.9 million. With a yacht at the end of the garden, Miami is at your service. Edmiston has a choice that includes different sizes and styles from a 30 metre cruiser through to an all-electric sports boat. Each one is the best in their class, immaculately maintained and lightly used. To review the fleet contact: Hannah Wolstenholme, hw@edmiston.com , +1 347 861 2431 For details about Villa Contenta contact: Lisa Blake, lisa.blake@villazzo.com , +1 786 281 7697 *Not for sale to US citizens while in US waters Cruise to the Keys or over to Bimini for the weekend. Villa + yacht is a very cool lifestyle. INTRACOASTAL GETAWAY VILLA CONTENTA: US$25.9m FIVE WAVES: US$5.95m, full report on page 17. This summer you have a choice of safe havens. Velaa Private Island spa in the Maldives or our 37-metre yacht named (appropriately), Safe Haven, cruising in the Mediterranean? Safe Haven has the atmosphere and attitude of a much larger yacht. Highly contemporary design with huge deck space meets an exhausting list of sports equipment and brilliant cuisine. Available in the Med for the first time this season, you will not need to get off the yacht unless you want to try the sundeck-to-sea waterslide. Velaa is the very essence of seclusion set on its own private island in the Indian Ocean. Their Safe Haven programme includes a personal butler to arranged appointments at the spa where cutting-edge technology meets traditional treatment rituals. Golf, scuba and cuisine cooked by chefs of 14 nations compliment being looked after by the most caring team imaginable. Of course there is an alternative choice. Do both. Tavaru Tower teppanyaki grill SAFE HAVEN 37m / 123ft, 11 guests, from €115,000 per week Velaa Private Island www.velaaprivateisland.com Buy it, charter it, build it. Let Edmiston help you create memories not regrets The joy of short-term fun underpinned by long-term planning