Edmiston Intelligence 2020 - Edition 17

Edition 17 Winter 2020 T H E B U S I N E S S O F Y A C H T I N G SALES IN THE MOST CHALLENGING TIMES How has the market performed? How has Edmiston performed? 17 DEALS IN INTELLIGENCE 17 Motor and sail, the best value yachting from 35 to 86 metres READ ALL ABOUT IT! OUR NEWPORT NEWS Bruce Brakenhoff and his team join Edmiston BUILD ME A NEW YACHT. I AM IN A HURRY Five new-wave yachts for sale under construction BOOK NOW FOR THE CARIBBEAN AND INDIAN OCEAN Where to cruise in confidence ASPEN FOR SUN, SKI AND SUPERYACHTS Edmiston in Aspen. Let’s meet up! Perseus^3 60 75.8 19.5 HULL LENGTH MAST HEIGHT SAILING SPEED