Edmiston Intelligence 2020 - Edition 16

YACHT LOA(M) GT YEAR SHIPYARD OLD NEW REDUCTION AMADEA 106 4402 2017 Lürssen €320m €290m -9.4% VALERIE 85 2755 2011 Lürssen €150m €135m -10.0% SECRET 82 2240 2013 Abeking & Rasmussen €119m €99m -16.8% BOADICEA 77 2191 1999 Amels €47.9m €42.9m -10.4% SOLO 72 1541 2018 Tankoa €71.5m €67.9m -5.0% 70m+ IN SPITE OF UNPRECEDENTED CHOICE, PRICES ARE HOLDING FIRM. 86 PER CENT HAVE NO PRICE REDUCTION 50–70m YACHTS ARE SELLING. ONLY 12.2 PER CENT HAVE PRICE REDUCTIONS 40–50m YACHTS ARE ACTIVELY SELLING. ONLY 12.5 PER CENT HAVE PRICE REDUCTIONS 70m+ FOR SALE: 35 PRICE REDUCTIONS: 5 AVERAGE PRICE REDUCTION: -10.3% 50-70m FOR SALE: 115 PRICE REDUCTIONS: 14 AVERAGE PRICE REDUCTION: -11.2% 40-50m FOR SALE: 321 PRICE REDUCTIONS: 40 AVERAGE PRICE REDUCTION: -12.9% Price reductions PERCENTAGE PRICE REDUCTIONS OF YACHTS OVER 40 METRES Nature has decided the future of yachting EVERY INDICATION IS THAT, WITH GREAT HASTE, WE NEED TO MOVE AWAY FROM USING FOSSIL FUELS. WE NEED TO MAKE YACHTING SUSTAINABLE. SOME PEOPLE FEAR THAT MEANS IT WILL HAVE TO CHANGE – IT DOES. HOW EXCITING. When we were young we were told to eat our vegetables. Now, we need yachts to do the same. While it sounds bizarre, a yacht run on vegetable based bio fuel is immediately achievable. Designed by Dutch studio Vripack, Futura is a fossil fuel free yacht with a glass and aluminium superstructure on a steel hull. Hybrid power includes diesel electric using biofuel made from food waste, biodegradable batteries that produce energy by the chemical reaction of sand, salt, plants and water and lastly, an electric kite. If it sounds far-fetched consider that commercial ships already use kites to ‘sail’ across the oceans, bio-diesel is commonly used in the trucking industry and bio batteries, an invention by Vripack, are a proven formula. The 1100 GT interior is designed like a Manhattan loft with an open split-level mezzanine set under the crystal maze glass roof. The layout works seamlessly – walk from an inside lounging area to an outside lounging area and dive into the long lap pool. A number of north and south European shipyards have already been approached. Construction time is 34 months with a price range between €45 - €60 million depending on shipyard and the final specification. Change – how exciting. For further information about Futura, contact an Edmiston broker. 66m / 216ft, 14 guests, 12 knots 1 F A C T S , F I G U R E S , F U T U R E