Edmiston Intelligence 2019 - Edition 15

2019 EDITION 15 PAGE 2 BROKERAGE PAGE 14 NEW CONSTRUCTION PAGE 18 CHARTER – LADY S PAGE 24 LA DATCHA PAGE 26 WINTER CHARTER WINTER CHARTER IDEAS TO KEEP YOU WARM AND EXCITED West to East Indies. Where to go, which yacht to choose LA DATCHA. THE FUTURE OF WORLD CRUISING The most exciting discovery yacht and plans for long-distance cruising PLAN, BUILD, LAUNCH, THE CHAMPAGNE MOMENT How Edmiston gets the most out of shipyard platforms. TECHNOLOGY MAKES IT ALL POSSIBLE The freedom to design has never been greater. The results are amazing AUTUMN BROKERAGE FROM 28-85 METRES From Sunseeker to Sunrays, value is the key factor and Edmiston is the dealmaker T H E B U S I N E S S O F Y A C H T I N G Superlatively, stratospherically spectacular Lady S THE NEW 93 METRE FEADSHIP AVAILABLE FOR CHARTER. MORE IS SIMPLY MORE EXCITING.