Edmiston Intelligence 2017 - Edition 10

Stand by, clear the decks, the E100 is due for launch THE EDMISTON 2018 CHARTER DIRECTORY WILL BE LAUNCHED IN JANUARY. OVER A THIRD OF THE YACHTS ARE NEW TO THE E100 AND THE DIVERSITY COVERS JUST ABOUT EVERY OPTION OF STYLE, AGE, LENGTH AND SPEED. Swimming pools, beach clubs and spas – not just to visit ashore but to enjoy on board. Scuba, snorkelling, sailing, paddleboard, flyboard, jet ski and the hugely popular waterslide – try them all, the crew is there to teach, help and encourage. And cuisine – feedback from last year was that guests often went ashore, liked the scene but thought the food was better on board. Our global cruising guide reviews the beach scene from cool club to deserted atoll. Ibiza, St Tropez, Hvar and Mykonos in the Med, the Pacific and Indian Ocean archipelagos or those teeny-tiny places you have never heard of but will never forget. Perhaps this is your year for discovery and adventure. Or perhaps it is the year to simply discover where you can take a snooze in the shade. Wake up just in time for dinner – with friends, with family but with the type of exciting anticipation that only a yacht provides. If you are not already an Edmiston client or on our mailing list, call one of our offices to make sure you receive your copy of the definitive guide to yacht charter. The E100 – get ready for life in the sea lane. 35 New New yachts to the E100. Some motor, some sail, all cool 100-100 Big yachts that can host a party for 100 or 100ft motor and sailing yachts for the family 2018 More yachts, more places, more experiences Old/New The oldest is the newest. Haida built 1929, Haida relaunched 2018 Land Ho! Pole to pole (well Antarctica to Greenland) the equator, tropics and Mediterranean. If it is there, our yachts go there Our cup runneth over. More award-winners than ever. More Superyacht of the Year winners. Our clients win as a result. Cool yacht, hot spot Get the E100 Directory where the top yachts and the hot spots meet.