Edmiston and partners at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022

Edmiston and partners at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022

The countdown has started for the most important event in the yachting calendar, the Monaco Yacht Show 2022

The Monaco Yacht Show 2022 is just around the corner and the Edmiston team and partners are adding the finishing touches to ensure it’s the best show yet.

Jamie Edmiston, our Chief Executive, says: “Monaco is an extremely important location to Edmiston; we have our largest office in Monaco, and this year we have an exceptional lineup of yachts on display within the show. As ever, the Edmiston client experience is at the forefront of all of our activities; I very much hope you enjoy the show.”

Edmiston yachts at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show

Yachts that lead our stellar lineup at this year’s Monaco show include the classic yet contemporary 2001 59.10m Oceanco yacht HELIOS, which is offered in top condition following a major 2022 refit, and the 2010 57.5m Royal Huisman bluewater cruiser TWIZZLE, which is in turn-key condition after it too underwent a thorough refit.

Other yachts bound to impress the crowds at this year’s show include the 2017 53.90m high-performance fully carbon sloop from Baltic Yachts, PINK GIN VI; the 2008 50m Ortona Navi yacht ARBEMA, which is offered both for sale and for charter; and the immaculately maintained 2001 49.80m Perini Navi ketch SILENCIO.

The 1997 48.1m yacht GITANA, fresh from a six-month refit, offers the chance for buyers to get their hands on a classic Feadship, while the 2016 46.79m clean and minimal GIAOLA LU from Bilgin Yachts is an ideal family yacht.

The 2015 46.60m Feadship KISS has been described as one of the best yachts available on the brokerage market today, while the 2019 42.8m go-anywhere yacht AUDACE is an explorer yacht that offers exceptional onboard facilities.

The 2007 43m Benetti BLUE VISION will be showing off the results of a full interior refit in Monaco, while the 2003 42m pedigree Feadship LADY CHARLOTTE is in impeccable condition, ready to cruise the world with a new owner. And, one of the latest members of our brokerage fleet SALVAJE, luxurious and fast world-cruising yacht from a renowned Alloy Yachts shipyard, will allow clients to view her for the very first time since she joined the brokerage market.

Edmiston’s partners at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show

We are also proud to once again partner with some of the best luxury companies in the world, to give our clients a full 360-degree premier yachting experience.

TAG Aviation, the world leader in business aviation, which has operated with Swiss precision for over half a century, is our go-to for charter flights.

More Swiss precision can be found with Montres KF, which surprises the world of Swiss Haute Horlogerie with its ability to tailor its creations to reflect its clients’ imaginations through its truly bespoke customisation.

When it comes to high-end open day boats, chase boats and tenders, look no further than Wajer Yachts, whose Wajer 55, known for its reliability, performance, and industry-leading innovations, will extend the enjoyment of your superyacht.

For interiors, Giobagnara is a brand known for its distinctive, elegantly designed creations that express luxury without ostentation, using the highest standards of craftsmanship in its pieces.

McKinnon & Harris produces high-performance aluminium outdoor furniture for yachts using old-world metalworking techniques, paired with cutting-edge technology, to craft furniture that endures.

Then Château d’Esclans offers a world-class rosé portfolio characterised by elegance and depth, while Exton Park Vineyard can no doubt tempt you with its award-winning English sparkling wines from its 60-acre single vineyard.

For something softer, Moco Juices was founded in Monte Carlo to meet the demands of sophisticated clientele looking for pure products, rich in nutritional elements, to complement a balanced diet. Its range includes a variety of cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, as well as young coconuts.

Visit the Edmiston Pavilion

Once again, the Edmiston Pavilion, will be located within the Monaco Yacht Club, and will be open to clients looking to make the most of our exclusive experiences.

Our trademark VIP services will also be in operation, and clients can make use of our chauffeured cars and luxury tenders.

If you would like to book an appointment aboard any of our yachts or arrange an exclusive tour, please call your preferred office, or email the Edmiston team at MYS2022@edmiston.com.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2022 Monaco Yacht show.


23 September 2022

Written by:

Caroline Munier


Edmiston and Levidian unite for a greener future

This innovative partnership towards decarbonising the yachting industry

Edmiston and British climate tech business Levidian Nanosystems have launched a “first-of-its-kind” collaboration that will both support Edmiston’s journey towards achieving net zero and aid the development of decarbonisation within the yacht sector.

Levidian Nanosystems’ patented LOOP device technology cracks methane into hydrogen and carbon, locking the carbon into high-quality green graphene.

At just one atom thick, graphene is the thinnest material known to man, and yet incredibly strong – about 200 times stronger than steel. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and can reduce friction.

“Graphene will have a number of marine applications and it has the potential to be an important part of decarbonising the maritime sector,” says John Hartley, Levidian’s Chief Executive.

“Our LOOP technology not only offers a green route to producing graphene, but it also offers the ability to rapidly decarbonise some of the heavy industries that are behind the yachts we see today.”

Jamie Edmiston, Chief Executive of Edmiston commented: “When I was first introduced to Levidian in 2020, I was hugely impressed with the technology and the team behind it.”

“There are clear applications for Levidian’s technology in the maritime sector, and we look forward to working with Levidian as Edmiston works forward towards net zero.”

We’re excited for Levidian to support Edmiston’s journey towards net zero, and its pursuit of decarbonisation both within Edmiston and in the yachting industry more broadly.

For further information on Levidian please visit their website or get in touch with marketing@edmiston.com.


04 May 2022

Written by:

Caroline Munier

How to sell your yacht in 2022

How to sell your yacht in 2022

Communication is key, and no one is better placed to know that than our brokerage team

If you are looking to sell your yacht this year, then both in-depth knowledge of the current market and the privileged client demographic are essential.

There is no point offering your beautiful yacht for sale if the right people don’t see it. A big purchase such as a superyacht requires a good deal of trust on behalf of the buyer and this trust is often built up over a long time between them and their industry contacts.

Here is our advice to selling your yacht this year.

Use a broker

It may seem obvious, but good yacht brokers really do have a deeper understanding of the market than anyone else and will be able to add value. Our brokers spend years, poring over yachts and sales figures to build and maintain an expert view. Our brokers work very closely together, know what yachts sell and to whom, and spend years nurturing relationships with ultra-high-net-worth clients to ensure their contacts base is second to none.

At Edmiston, our brokers are the best in the business, and we have the stats to back up this bold statement. In 2021 we held a 50% market share in yachts sold over 70m and our brokers sold yachts at twice the average industry speed – selling yachts in an average of 298 days compared with the global average of 604 days. You see, at Edmiston, we don’t just list yachts, we sell them.

Set the right price

While you may think you know how much your yacht is worth, the industry may not always agree.

Understanding and establishing a fair market price, based on the prevailing market dynamics as well as the condition and pedigree of your yacht, will attract higher interest.

Make marketing a priority

Never underestimate the power of marketing. At Edmiston we use effective and highly targeted direct client marketing and broker-to-broker marketing to get deals done.

Our 360-degree communications tools, which build upon the strong visibility of our brand persona, include consumer print marketing, such as our highly respected Edmiston Intelligence publication, alongside bespoke literature and curated yacht brochures.

We also run stand-out customised digital marketing campaigns to a qualified audience, be they prospective buyers, or our network of industry brokers. We also promote yachts through our website, and we use social media to enhance engagement.

Ensure you have good photography

By commissioning beautiful photography and film, you can communicate the experience that the new owner and their guests will be able to enjoy on your yacht.

We have relationships with the best art directors, photographers, and videographers, so if your yacht requires an updated photo or film shoot, we will happily obtain a quote on your behalf.

In addition, PR initiatives with customised content help generate editorial coverage for newsworthy stories and we utilise online business-to-business search facilities such as Yachtco to help us reach a larger audience.

Be the best in show

Where better to showcase your yacht than at one of the best shows or events in the yachting world?

It’s worth the investment in exhibiting at Cannes, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Monaco to ensure your yacht is more visible than competitors. Edmiston has a strong presence at these shows, plus many more VIP yachting events, and can help arrange quotes.

Consider your location

And finally, boat shows aside, it’s important that you keep your yacht somewhere accessible to people who want to come and view it, which may mean changing berths while you look for a buyer.

To find out more about selling your yacht in 2022, contact one of our brokers.


27 May 2022

Written by:

Caroline Munier

How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

With no maintenance fees and flexibility when it comes to travel and accommodation, chartering can be a good alternative to buying.

Here, we break down how much it costs to charter a yacht, wherever you choose to go and however you choose to go there.

How much to charter a yacht?

How much you can expect to spend on chartering a yacht very much depends on a number of factors.

Firstly, the size of the yacht you choose is evidently a big factor. The difference between chartering a yacht between 30 meters and 50 meters and chartering a yacht over 50 meters is already quite vast. You then have to consider the fact that there are lots of different types of yachts, such as explorer yachts, for venturing to some of the world’s most hard-to-reach corners, classic yachts for a real vintage experience, sailing yachts for that wind in your hair feeling and performance yachts for the thrill-seekers, as well as many more.

There’s general consensus in the yachting world that a vessel of up to 50m in length is a yacht, while anything over this size is a superyacht. Some charter brokers break the 50m+ category down further into further ranges: 50m-70m, 70m-100m, 100m+ etc.

Looking at these sizes, base rates can start at anything from €20,000 for the smaller yachts to €4m a week for an eye-popping megayacht.

Factors that determine the cost to charter a yacht

There are many things that can determine the price when it comes to chartering a yacht and these things are worth bearing in mind when looking for your next yacht to charter.

The first one is the length of time you are planning to charter a yacht for.

With the average yacht charter taking seven days, the longer you plan to charter a yacht, the better position you are in to negotiate a good rate.

Michaela Beitz Biggi, Head of Charter Fleet Management at Edmiston, says: “The cost to charter a yacht depends on size, build year, the shipyard who built your desired yacht, volume (or GRT), the number of guests sleeping and cruising, and the number of crew (for the level of service you are expecting).”

Extras such as toys and unique facilities will also make a yacht more desirable: “A fancy chase tender can bring the price up as well,” Michaela says.

But what about the difference between motor yachts and sailing yachts, does this affect the charter price?

Motor yachts often prove more popular on the charter market as they usually come with more water toys – Seabobs and jetskis are particularly popular with guests – and improved access to the water, as well as more onboard space. All these factors do indeed make for a higher charter price.

The build year of the charter yacht is also significant – while some charter guests are happy with a slightly older yacht, some charter guests wouldn’t dream of taking a holiday aboard a yacht that wasn’t brand new.

Anne Lebernicheux, an Edmiston broker based in Monte Carlo, says, “The newest yachts on the market will also be the most expensive and the Owner will be less willing to negotiate the rate”.

Another thing to consider is whether your yacht of choice is built by a particularly prestigious designer or yard, as this will see the price increase.

All the brokers we spoke to agreed that yachts from one of the Northern European shipyards will always be pricier than others and a good broker should point customers towards the best builders.

The final factor to consider is season – if you plan to charter a yacht in the Med in July and August then there will you will expect to pay premium rates. In fact, some charter guests are prepared to pay more to secure the right yacht. However, charter a yacht in the same region a little out of season, when there is less demand, and you may find you can negotiate a lower price.

What does the base rate of a yacht charter price include?

When you book a charter yacht, the price you see is the base rate for a week’s charter but what exactly is included in this price? The short answer is, the yacht and the crew, unless explicitly outlined.

You can expect a fully insured, properly maintained megayacht with a full crew.

This fee also covers the crew’s wages, their food and also all the ship’s laundry and usually use of the water toys – though diving might be more.

Robert Shepherd, Charter Director for the Americas at Edmiston, says: “The standard charter rate includes the boat and the crew, unless it’s an all-inclusive rate, food, fuel, drinks, dockage, flowers etc. are billed out at cost by the client and covered by the Advanced Provisioning Allowance.”

Additional costs to chartering a yacht

The Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), mentioned above, is around 30% of the charter fee (sometimes more if your itinerary will cover big distances and occasionally lower if the base rate for your charter is fairly high). The APA is an additional fee paid prior to embarkation, which acts as a kind of expense account for everyone on board for the duration of the charter and covers things like food, alcohol, fuel, dockage and communications.

According to official guidelines from MYBA, the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association, it is up to the yacht’s captain to manage the expenses and to regularly update the charterer throughout the trip on available funds.

It reads: “The Captain may request additional funds from the Charterer during the charter if necessary. At the end of the charter, the Captain should present the Charterer with a statement of account showing the disbursement of the APA with all supporting receipts. Any outstanding additional expenses must be mentioned in the APA account and a realistic amount withheld to cover the expense.”

Fuel is obviously your biggest additional cost, though it’s worth noting that many countries offer duty-free fuel for commercial yachts.

Other costs to factor in include airfares to and from your departure and embarkation points, any airport transfers and other onshore travel, plus delivery fees (where applicable), if you decide to start your charter outside of the superyacht’s normal cruising territory.

You will also need to be prepared to pay for operating costs, such port fees, berthage and discretionary crew gratuity (of between 10%-15%).

In ports such as St Tropez, Capri, Portofino and Sardinia, for instance, where space is limited, you often have to book your berth months in advance.

How much you will pay on top of the yacht price also very much depends on where you plan to go as local taxes can range from 4% in the Bahamas to 22% in Italy.

You will also have to pay if you want crew to source additional equipment and toys.

Robert Shepherd says: “All of our yachts have a good inventory of water sports equipment, if clients request additional equipment outside of what the yacht carries it is at their cost or negotiated by the broker.”

Benefits of chartering a yacht over buying

Yachts are incredible – these huge, graceful machines of the sea are at times powerful explorers, at others sumptuous sanctuaries and always infinitely better than even the most salubrious of land-based hotels.

However, with futuristic technologies, designer-led interiors and envy-inducing deck spaces, they need maintaining to keep them in tip-top condition.

On a charter holiday you get all the benefits of a luxurious superyacht – privacy, bespoke itineraries, exemplary service – without any of the responsibility. Simply arrive, switch off and enjoy.

Benefits of using a charter broker

With their unrivalled knowledge and on-the ground (and water) contacts, brokers are invaluable when it comes to planning your charter holiday.

Using their local knowledge, yacht brokers can help plot the best itineraries for you, and their inside-out knowledge of each and every superyacht means they can find the best one for you and your party.

There’s also the additional reassurance that your charter will be safe and secure, with brokers keen to protect their clients’ interests.

Robert Shepherd says: “There is a minefield of details that you do not want to take on yourself when spending this kind of money on a holiday. Working with an expert on a trip like this will ensure you a seamless hassle-free experience.”

At Edmiston, we are proud that our brokers benefit from supreme knowledge of both the industry and the yachts we offer, and their expertise makes the whole process so much easier for guests thanks to their transparency and availability.


27 October 2020

Written by:

Caroline Munier

Edmiston London Heliport

Edmiston London Heliport

Edmiston has taken over the title sponsorship of the The London Heliport, bringing its iconic branding to the vertical gateway.

Coinciding with the heliport’s 60th Anniversary this summer, Edmiston has undertaken a major re-styling of both the interior and exterior, including a complete repaint of the landing apron. Effective 1st August, the Heliport will be known as The Edmiston London Heliport.

Edmiston Chief Executive, Jamie Edmiston commented; “we have made a long-term commitment to this key London gateway. For us this is more than a branding exercise. Our aim has been to bring the rigorous focus, attention to detail and teamwork that you would find on board a large yacht, to the operation of this heliport. Working in close partnership with the management and owners of London Heliport, our objective is to deliver the best possible experience for those who use London Heliport.

“With this collaboration with Edmiston we are entering an exciting new era,” said London Heliport General Manager Simon Hutchins. “Edmiston is a prestigious luxury brand to be aligned with and Jamie Edmiston has overseen a significant investment that has revitalised the whole look of the heliport. We are looking forward to showing off the new branding to customers and industry friends soon.”

Follow news and developments at Edmiston London Heliport on @TheLondonHeliport and on Instagram TheLondonHeliport.

About the London Heliport

The London Heliport in Battersea, just south of Chelsea Harbour, is the only CAA approved heliport in the Capital with approval to handle 12,000 take-offs and landings per year. It has been in operation since 1959, providing essential service to the business community and emergency services, such as the Air Ambulance (HEMS) and Police Air Support units.

Located on the River Thames between the Battersea and Wandsworth bridges, the heliport caters for both business and leisure customers requiring fast access in and out of the City. The London Heliport runs its own helicopter charter brokerage charter@londonheliport.co.uk enabling the heliport to offer a swift and reliable response to charter enquiries. London Helicopter’s popular seat-only sightseeing flights offer a separate entrance to board and welcome passengers so that VIP customers’ needs for discretion and quick turnarounds remain uncompromised.


01 December 2019

Written by:

Caroline Munier


Edmiston and private wine club Crurated partner to create the perfect pairing

Fine wine and yachting meet to provide luxury experiences you won’t find anywhere else

A new partnership between Edmiston and fine wine connoisseurs Crurated opens a world of unique sensory experiences up for superyacht clients looking to elevate their travels in terms of sophistication, indulgence, and cultural awareness.

Founded in 2021, Crurated is a members-only digital wine club that is disrupting the market of fine and rare products and experiences.

It provides direct-from-source access to the most sought-after bottles of wine in the world, cultivating relationships between the winemaker and wine lover that yields profound appreciation for every bottle, and provenance is assured by NFTs and blockchain technology.

Now, thanks to a brand-new partnership, Edmiston clients can enjoy access to some of the world’s most exclusive wines, from never-before-released magnums of Charles Lachaux to bespoke wine tastings and vineyard tours in some of the world’s most revered wine-making regions.

The synergy between wine and yachting is undeniable, says Angelo Alimonti, VP Experiences at Crurated: “As a company, we believe that great bottles open the door to new cultures, provide the backbone to exquisite meals, and create unforgettable moments amongst those who pop their corks.

Through the new partnership, Edmiston clients can enjoy private wine tastings on board or reap the benefits of a curated yachting itinerary with stops at renowned wineries, where some of the world’s greatest winemakers can share their stories.

As well as memberships and exclusive experiences, Edmiston and Crurated clients can also secure top producers’ rarest cuvees prior to market release through fractional barrel sales, where successful bidders can choose their favourite format to have their rare wine, otherwise not available on the market, bottled.

Jamie Edmiston says wine and yachting make the perfect pairing, with wine expertise and insight enhancing the enjoyment and understanding our guests have of the places they visit.

To find out more about Edmiston and the private wine club Crurated, please contact us now.


19 July 2023

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Edmiston reports an “exceptional” first half of 2023

As the industry begins to rebalance to pre-pandemic levels, Edmiston’s brokers continue to prove their sales prowess

It’s been a successful first six months of the year for Edmiston’s esteemed brokerage team, who have sold 22 yachts over 30m so far in 2023, solidifying our position as the leading global brokerage house, with the highest deals per broker ratio in the industry.

In one week alone our brokerage team sold three yachts, including two Feadships, LADY MAY and KISS, continuing our exemplary sales record for these pedigree yachts – Edmiston has sold 50% of all Feadships over 40m this year.

Feadships currently on Edmiston’s books include the 61m 2006 yacht SAMADHI, which is in turnkey condition following an extensive 2023 refit, and the classic 1984 Feadship A2, which was completely rebuilt in 2012 before being refurbished once again in 2021/2022. The 61m 1979 SANOO is a remarkable renovation opportunity for a buyer, while the 36m 1991 LADY VICTORIA and the 46m 1981 DOJO are presented in top condition, ready to welcome a new owner.

This all comes as the yachting industry, especially the brokerage market, looks to be rebalancing post the unprecedented sales boom of 2021 and 2022. This rebalancing has seen sales of yachts over 30m in the second quarter of 2023 down 26% on the number of yachts sold in the same period last year.

Much of this fall comes from the sub 50m market, where the industry has seen 33% fewer yachts of 30-50m sold in the first half of this year compared with the first half of 2022, so it’s interesting to note that Edmiston is bucking this trend with the average length of the yachts we’ve sold this year standing at 46m.

We currently have some pristine yachts in the sub 50m category for those in a position to buy, including the 2022 yacht H OF THE SEAS – a brand-new yacht from the Azimut Grande 36M line, which is still under shipyard warranty – and the 38m 2018 Sanlorenzo yacht SOSA, a series model that has been honed to perfection and is ready to go.

Meanwhile, the 50m 2016 Heesen MY LOYALTY has only ever been kept privately and remains in her original ownership so offers a genuine alternative for those looking for a good-as-new yacht without the long lead times.

Across the industry, demand remains strong for the 50m+ segment, particularly when it comes to yachts in the 60m-70m category. In addition to this, more yachts have sold this year asking over €20m than in the first two quarters of 2021 and 2022 and demand is still strong for pedigree yachts.

Alex Koersvelt says: “This year is seemingly on course to be another year of steady growth as was consistently the case pre pandemic. Edmiston brokers will continue to use our peerless knowledge and contacts to connect the right buyers to the right yachts and continue to prove ourselves as the best brokers in the business.”

To find out more about the Edmiston brokerage services, please contact us.


19 July 2023

Written by:

Caroline Munier


Edmiston & the UKSA: forging futures in the maritime industry

Together we want to provide more people with the opportunity to experience life at sea

The Edmiston Foundation and UKSA have been working together since 2020, with the aim of addressing diversity within the superyacht industry, while providing young people who might not otherwise have the chance to, to reap the benefits of sailing and yachting.

Amy Sweeting, Director of Development & Fundraising at UKSA, says working with Edmiston has been a catalyst for achieving the charity’s ambitions. “Obviously the funding has been a key part of that,” she says, “But it’s also about enabling us to have conversations with the wider maritime industry. Having Edmiston’s backing means we can be there at the table – there’s a sense of ‘we support this, you should too’”.

Young people from minority communities and low socio-economic groups, predominantly those living in inner-city areas, are far less likely to take part in outdoor and maritime activities, which leads to a minority representation from these groups working within the maritime industry.

UKSA works hard to break down these barriers and its Sea. Change programme, which Edmiston helps fund, offers young people, some of whom have never left their borough or been to the coast, to not only enjoy time on the water, building their self-esteem and resilience, but also see the career opportunities it could offer them.

UKSA offers young people aged 14-17 the opportunity to come for a five-day residential trip on the south coast during the school holidays. While at UKSA, these teenagers develop life skills, broaden their horizons, and develop confidence on the water and are introduced to the employment and career pathways available in the maritime sector.

Amy says: “A young person on our Sea. Change programme might be sat next to a superyacht captain and start to think ‘what are the things I could do?’”.

Not only does the Sea.Change programme offer a solution to the inequality experienced by children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, but it also addresses talent shortage, lack of diversity and accessibility in the maritime industry. As a key player in the superyacht Industry, Edmiston is proud to be supporting this important work.

Driving real change

In 2022/23, 296 beneficiaries were funded through the Sea.Change programme. This year, UKSA will welcome 500 beneficiaries from disadvantaged backgrounds, largely supported by the Edmiston Foundation.

One of those beneficiaries is Adame Ahmed, who struggled at school, “School is not the place for me,” he says, “they don’t teach us values to come into the real world.”

But in August 2022, Adame quickly found his place in the world after joining the UKSA’s Sea.Change programme. He subsequently joined the UKSA’s NCFE Programme – a two-year programme designed to gain the relevant skills required to start a career in the maritime industry – and has since gained further qualifications to become a UKSA instructor. When Nick and Jamie Edmiston met him earlier this year, they were so impressed by him that they invited him to work for Edmiston at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

Amy says: “That’s the thing with Nick and Jamie, they really put their money where their mouth is, in all aspects.”

Each year UKSA’s Cadetship Programme offers further training for those young people ambitious enough to set their sights on becoming officers in the superyacht industry. At the end of the four-year programme, cadets progress to the STCW II/2 Master (Yacht <3000GT) qualification.

Last year, Edmiston funded Kai to complete phase one of UKSA’s four-year Cadetship programme. Kai grew up in Stoke-on-Trent, where there weren’t many opportunities to access the water. After trying rowing, he became interested in boats and came to UKSA to take part in the Cadetship programme.

“The funding from Edmiston helped me to join the Cadetship and begin my yachting journey,” he says.

“Without the funding, I wouldn’t have been able to do the course, so a huge thank you to Edmiston. Now, I’m working as a sole deck/engineer onboard a 24m yacht in Scotland, where I am gaining valuable practical experience needed for me to progress”.

This year, Edmiston is funding Jaydon to complete phase one of the Cadetship. Jaydon is from a single-parent family in Haringey, in receipt of Free School Meals and has special education needs.

He has already passed his ENG1, has coached sailing for younger sailors, participated in many national and international sailing events, has some work experience on superyachts and he started his Cadetship at the beginning of September.

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I would never be here without the support from Edmiston,” Jaydon says. “It’s not been easy for me to start my career on superyachts, and I have already faced inequality because of my background. Having Edmiston by my side will be invaluable as I navigate lots more challenges that I will no doubt face.”

The aim of UKSA now is to secure even more funding and support from across the marine industry to ensure it can continue delivering this vital work and invite more young people onto its programmes.

Amy says: “We are ready to have bigger conversations with people and we are excited about where it might lead.”


22 September 2023

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Andrew Bond joins Edmiston

Edmiston announces that Andrew Bond will be joining Edmiston following 7 years as a Sales Broker at Fraser Yachts

This appointment sets to further boost the Edmiston sales team and follows an exceptional performance during the first half of 2023.

Having achieved cumulative sales of over €950 million Andrew’s sales record speaks for itself; he is one of the industry’s top performing brokers. He has sold yachts from almost all of the world’s top shipyards, and in the last three years alone this has included 5 Feadships, 4 Amels, 3 Heesens, 2 Oceanco, 1 Abeking &  Rasmussen, plus an array of other yachts over 70M.

Jamie Edmiston comments, ‘I am very pleased to welcome Andrew to the Edmiston team. With an enviable depth of knowledge, he is a disciplined and insightful broker who will immediately fit in with our existing team members. His appointment further cements our position as the leading global brokerage house’.

Alex Koersvelt, Commercial Director comments, “I’m very excited about Andrew’s joining. His successful track record, experience and skill make him an excellent addition to our diverse and talented brokerage team”.

Andrew Bond comments, “I have watched Edmiston from afar for some years now. They are at the cutting edge in terms of their brand and marketing. I am very excited about this next chapter and know that it is the right step on my yachting journey”.


04 August 2023

Written by:

Caroline Munier


Sky to sea – Edmiston and Farnborough Airport partnership takes flight

A new partnership between Edmiston and Farnborough Airport will create a seamless travel experience like never before

In an industry first, Edmiston has teamed up with Europe’s leading private jet airport, Farnborough, to provide a fully immersive experience for guests travelling through the airport.

From June, Edmiston guests arriving at Farnborough Airport, will be ushered to the Edmiston Lounge, where they can relax before boarding their flight.

Fully bespoke, the Edmiston Lounge is a sumptuous area filled with textured fabrics and furniture that will cocoon guests in high-end comfort, ensuring a stress-free travel experience from start to finish.

Together, Edmiston and Farnborough Airport offer the very best in private travel, spanning sky and sea, and this new collaboration allows guests to explore the excitement of yacht travel as they await their jet departure.

Private jet travellers will be enveloped in the Edmiston world through beautiful photography, a travel library, objets d’art and fascinating yacht models, while they are served a range of delicious refreshments.

Discretion in the lounge is guaranteed by a sweeping curved wall that frames the space, playing on the movement of waves and air by using wooden slanted blades that rise in differing lengths to create punctuated glimpses of the space.

Travelling through Farnborough Airport is an assured way to avoid crowds, save time and reap the benefits of personalised travel and five-star service.

The airport is just 10 minutes by helicopter from the Edmiston London Heliport for ultimate convenience, or a 40-minute drive from the capital.

An award-winning terminal, with private meeting rooms, a dedicated concierge and even gaming consoles to keep younger travellers entertained,

Farnborough Airport welcomes the world’s leading jet operators who offer a wide range of ways to fly privately.

From fractional aircraft ownership to ad-hoc charter flights, the world of private jets has never been more accessible. With operators, brokers and booking apps, booking private jet travel is easy. The passenger can just step onto the aircraft and relax.

Simon Geere, CEO of Farnborough Airport, says, “We believe there is great brand synergy between Edmiston and Farnborough Airport in offering exceptional service and an unrivalled private travel experience. We are delighted to launch our collaboration with Edmiston, and we look forward to welcoming clients travelling through our airport as they wait for their departure.

Jamie Edmiston, Chief Executive of Edmiston, says “Guests travelling through Farnborough Airport can now experience a slice of the Edmiston lifestyle whilst waiting for their flight. We will offer them the greatest service and comfort when using the jet terminal, much as they would receive on one of our yachts, providing a completely seamless service from sky to sea.

Talk to your Edmiston broker about booking this exclusive travel experience for your next trip.


11 May 2022

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