In Sulawesi, a many-limbed island, ancient cultures survive, such as those of the Torajan Highlanders who live in the mountainous south, and who are renowned for their elaborate funeral rites, and the Bugis people, once great seafarers and wanderers and today mostly farmers, fishermen and traders.

Off the northern tip of Sulawesi, you can visit the Bunaken National Park – a marine park where 70 per cent of all the fish species in the entire Pacific Ocean can be seen. Its famously clear waters, and bottomless walls make it a popular place for diving, snorkelling or underwater photography.

In Sumatra, meanwhile, the volcanic landscape is like something from the Jurassic period, where smouldering craters threaten eruption and small communities of endangered orangutans in the north of the island are being carefully monitored.

Most yacht charters to Sumatra will take in the World Heritage Site of Komodo National Park, where you can see the world’s largest lizard, a remnant of prehistory, on an island that has a rich biosphere both on land and in the sea.

On a yacht charter in Bali, Indonesia, you can hop between pristine island after pristine island and feel the spiritual nature of these isles in the traditional ceremonies and the temples of the unique Balinese Hindus.

Increasingly popular are yacht charters to the Raja Ampat archipelago in West Papua, an undiscovered paradise of turquoise pools and jungle-clad islands, which has some of the greatest marine biodiversity on Earth.

 When to charter a yacht in Indonesia

When to charter a yacht in Indonesia

As it is tropical and hot all year, Indonesia is a year-round charter destination, though depending on where you want to go, some months are better to visit than others. For the Komodo National Park, for instance, most people come from May to September, in dry season. For Raja Ampat, meanwhile, the main charter season is from October to April.

 Indonesia where to drink, eat and play

Indonesia where to drink, eat and play

Indonesian cuisine is delicious – if a little spicy at times – and consists of lots of sticky rice, tempeh (traditional soy product) and tofu. Nasi goreng – fried rice with spring onions and lots of other tasty additions served with a fried egg on top – is a celebrated dish that you should try in one of the islands’ restaurants, or have your chef prepare for you on board.

For a meal out to remember, try Bali’s Mejekawi, a glass-fronted restaurant with ocean views and an ever-changing tasting menu.

Or for a more uplifting experience, book a private dinner on the secluded hilltop bale of the Amanjiwo Resort in Java, which overlooks the Unesco World Heritage Site of Borobudur – the largest Buddhist temple on the planet.

Things to do on a yacht charter in Indonesia

Things to do on a yacht charter in Indonesia

Visit the Kraton (walled palace) of Yogyakarta on Java, or see the nearby huge temple compound of Prambanan, where the intricate sculpting of the Shiva temple will leave you speechless.

Hike the active volcano of Mount Bromo for epic views and don’t miss the diving at Raja Ampat, nor the unbelievable sight of Komodo dragons in the wild.

At NIHI Sumba on the island of Sumba, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, you can experience rugged luxury in a resort that has been created in harmony with the Sumbanese people and the natural environment. Among the many special activities on offer, you can take a sunset swim on horseback, while the Nihioka Spa Safari combines adventure with serenity, with a trek through rice fields and a traditional village, followed by unlimited spa treatments.

Raja Ampat

For the pure, unspoiled seas of old Jacques Cousteau films, Raja Ampat in northeast Indonesia, fulfils all your diving fantasies.

A place of unparalleled marine biodiversity, Raja Ampat has no shortage of incredible dive locations to discover, from Mansuar where you can watch manta rays at play, to the off-grid allure of Kri and the unmapped island of Yanggefo where it’s hard to tell where the mangrove trees end, and the sea begins.


A charter around the island of Flores and the Komodo National Park, will reveal hidden pink beaches, the purest of waterfalls, mountain villages, and that most ancient of creatures – the Komodo Dragon.

Bali and Lombok

Just a short cruise from Bali, Lombok has many gilis (small islands) that are a delight to visit, from Gili Trawangan, known for its moonlit parties, to Gili Meno, where a new underwater sculpture of human figures has proven to be a big draw for divers and snorkellers. Bali and Lombok are simply beach heaven and many charter guests can’t resist the pull of the pink sands of Lombok’s Tangsi Beach, nor a helicopter ride over Mount Rinjani.

Planning your charter holiday in Indonesia

What’s the currency of Indonesia?

The currency of Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah. US dollars are accepted in most places.

Language spoken in Indonesia?

The most widely spoken language of Indonesia is Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), though it’s rarely the speaker’s first language. Javanese is the most common first language and Sundanese and Madurese are also major languages. English is widely spoken across the islands.

Time zone in Indonesia

There are three main time zones in Indonesia: Western Indonesian Time (GMT+7), central Indonesian Time (GMT+8), Eastern Indonesian Time (GMT+9).

Yachts to charter in Indonesia

There are lots of options for chartering a yacht in Indonesia, so whether you are looking for a Bali yacht charter, a Komodo yacht charter or a Raja Ampat yacht charter, our brokers can guide you to some of the best yachts for your luxury yacht charter in Indonesia.

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