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St Tropez and St Barths are the patron saints of yachting. Indeed the Côte d’Azur

and Caribbean have so much to offer that it is tempting to go no further.

Instead of merely reading about the Amazon, Seychelles, Fiji and Costa Rica –

why not go there. See seven species of whales, forget the zoo – see animals in

the wild, swim with the sharks, count coral colours, dine and dance with local

tribes – live a life that makes you a fascinating storyteller.

The decision as to where to go has as much to do with timing as anything

else. Weather plays a big part in our enjoyment of this planet and your Edmiston

charter broker will put you precisely in the right place at the right time. Even

the smallest details will be thought through for your itinerary and chartering a

yacht gives complete freedom as to where you arrive and depart.

Over the next few pages spin the compass of your imagination. Dive into the

middle of the Pacific Ocean reaching landfall, for example, on one of the

dreamy islands of Polynesia – Tahiti.