The Top 6 Luxury Yacht Accessories for 2024: Elevate Your Yachting Experience with the Latest Superyacht Toys

Superyachts offer limitless opportunities for travel, fun and adventure. With the addition of the right luxury yacht accessories, this enhances your time onboard, enabling you to enjoy your chosen destination to its fullest, be it on the water or under it.

Discover some of the most remarkable water toys for yachts available now.

1. Tee off from the deck with the world’s first superyacht golf system

If you’re searching for the latest toys for your yacht and something that will bring guests together and provide endless entertainment, then look to the brand-new SeaDriveCX – the first golf system specifically designed for superyachts.

Imagined and engineered by Off the Deck using innovative launch monitor technology, the SeaDriveCX gives guests the chance to play some of the best golf courses in the world, without leaving the comfort of their yacht.

The SeaDriveCX comes with a high-brightness touchscreen that allows it to be played in direct sunlight offering an entertainment option from morning through to night, while its tour-trusted launch monitor technology provides real-world accuracy. The system is marine-grade corrosion resistant and tropical shower proof, built with integrated cooling that allows it to withstand extreme temperatures and utilises B1E non-toxic and biodegradable balls to protect the environment.

There are also plenty of interactive games available, such as darts, bowling, and balloon pop to entice the whole family out to the aft deck. A true game changer.

Two friends enjoying a game of golf with their new yacht accessories

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Superyacht golf, one of the top yacht accessories of the year, set up on the deck of a luxury yacht

2. Dive into superyacht toys

Underwater scooters such as Seabobs have long been a popular addition to a superyacht’s toy box and the Cudajet – the world’s first underwater jetpack – takes the technology to a whole new level. Operated with a simple hand-controller (as opposed to the Seabob’s traditional two-handed steer), it allows for an altogether freer experience.

With a 3:1kg power-to-weight ratio, the Cudajet is engineered to create a sense of weightlessness that enables users to glide through the water with ease with its low profile design, reducing drag for increased underwater agility, making it great whether you are wanting to stay near the surface or surge to new depths.

The buoyant harness – which comes in a wide range of sizes so it can be tailored to fit – is made of Yamamoto Neoprene and simply needs to be attached to the jetpack to transfer the thrust and has a ‘quick attach’ function. The Cudajet comes with a 40-minute runtime and the ability to reach depths of up to 40 metres. When time is up, return to the yacht for lunch or a sunbathing session and it will be recharged and ready to go again 75 minutes later.

Two friends ready to dive into the ocean with their new jetpack water toys for yachts

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A man swimming with his jetpack superyacht toy

3. Submerge in style in a superyacht submarine

The U-Boat Worx Nemo Series, a range of private submarines that have been designed to fit onboard superyachts, are some of the most incredible underwater toys in existence, designed for intrepid explorers who want to command their own adventure to the bottom of the sea.

At 2500kg, the Nemo 2 is the lightest two-seater submersible in the world and alongside a qualified pilot, anyone can take the helm under supervised control.

With the ability to dive 100 metres in air-conditioned comfort, on the Nemo 2 you really can see places that few – if any – have ever seen, from long-forgotten shipwrecks to species of sea life unique to one ecosystem thanks to some of the clearest views of any submersible ever, offering a whole new world of discoveries.

A couple exploring the ocean floor with their submarine yacht accessory

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A submarine water toy surfacing in view of a private superyacht

4. Yacht toys with eco-friendly systems & materials

We’ve seen a big move to eco water toys in recent years with electric hydrofoils, tenders, surfboards and e-bikes and as a more sustainable approach to yachting, together with an increased desire to visit remote, under-the-radar destinations is high on everyone’s minds, expect to see lots more eco superyacht toys.

Marking a positive move towards more eco-friendly marine craft, eFoils are great additions to your luxury superyacht toy box and Fliteboard is the most awarded eFoil brand in the market, with a range to suit all abilities. Choose from the entry-level Air – great for children or older riders – the Series 3 (pictured), which is also good for beginners, and the Fliteboard Pro and Ultra, which are great for those who are really at home on a board.

Meanwhile, the Flitescooter, with its handlebars and great stability, will make even those nervous about giving it a try the feeling of flying. Virtually silent and both emission and wake free, Fliteboards create minimal environmental interference, making them an ideal modern luxury yachting accessory.

A woman hovering over the water on her superyacht toy

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A couple on a boat, with their yacht accessories, getting ready to board a superyacht

5. Slow down day and night with a glow-in-the-dark paddleboard

Too much of life is spent rushing through things, so why not slow everything right down and give yourself time to get to know your cruising ground better in a peaceful way with a paddleboard tour?

SUPs have been rising in popularity in recent years but often their use has been limited to the daytime and sunlight hours. The new Aqua Marina GLOW SUP, however, available through Superyacht Tenders and Toys, now allows users to paddle through the twilight too thanks to its new in-built lighting system.

So innovative it won a coveted iF Design Award 2024, the GLOW’s Ambient Light System includes six different colours that both light the board and light the way. Using Woven Drop-Stitch Technology, it’s a lightweight, eco-friendly and incredibly stable board.

A teenage girl paddling on a glow-in-the-dark water toy for yachts

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A woman racing over the water with her motorized superyacht toy

6. Whizz around on a waverunner

Another one of the most popular water toys for yachts is the tried and tested waverunner but the Superjet with its three-cylinder four-stroke engine offers a new challenge for the thrill-seekers in your midst.

This seatless personal watercraft requires the user to maintain balance and is a real test of endurance and dexterity. Importantly, it’s also been built with close-course racing in mind and can reach breathless speeds and manoeuvre marvellously, bringing the exhilaration of competitive racing to those who dare.

For everyone else, the L-mode, which restricts the speed to 40mph, is an essential and very welcome function.

Whether you are looking for luxury yacht accessories to bring your guests together, something to ramp up the excitement, or aids to exploration, with these water toys for yachts, the opportunities are endless.

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04 June 2024

Written by:

Jack Hartley