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Yacht Charter in Maldives

This chain of pearl-white islands ringed with celeste-coloured lagoons and cocooned by a cloak of coral reef, sit in the Indian Ocean like jewels on a necklace. Long considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world, a private yacht charter in the Maldives offers access to crystal-clear waters, safe diving and a level of luxury rarely experienced elsewhere.

There are lots of options for a luxury yacht charter in the Maldives, so whether you are looking for a dream Maldives yacht charter to the Northern Atolls or are looking to get off the beaten track on your Maldives yacht charter, let our brokers find the best charter yacht for you.

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Yacht Charter in Maldives

Adduu atoll

A tourist board’s dream, the heart shaped Addu Atoll perfectly embodies the romantic view most people have of the Maldives. In the south of the string of atolls, it has escaped the coral bleaching found so often elsewhere in the Indian Ocean, meaning the corals are even more vibrant. Once a British naval base, there are lots of sheltered anchorages and blissfully quiet beaches. Addu Atoll is a natural anchorage and this was used by the British during World War 2, with the old barracks and buildings slowly being converted into residences, hotels and shops. The beach to the south west of the island is protected by a barrier reef, creating calm waters and an environment perfect for beachcombing and rock pooling.

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Ari Atoll

The Ari Atoll, west of Male, with its lagoon-dotted landscape, is a Maldivian must-see during your luxury yacht charter in the Maldives. This is where you will find some of the Maldives best beaches and resorts – some of which offer day passes if you don’t want to leave the yacht for too long – making it ideal island-hopping territory. For the best chance of seeing whale sharks (which reassuringly eat plankton, not people) head to South Ari, while Hammerhead point in the north of Ari, is where you are most likely to encounter a hammerhead shark.

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Baa Atoll

With just 14 of its 75 islands inhabited, Baa Atoll is very much the picture-postcard view many visitors have of the Maldives With lush green interiors, dazzling white sands and plentiful marine life amid 250 species of coral, it has earned UNESCO World Biosphere status. For a peaceful charter, with seemingly endless beaches and sandbanks to linger at, this is the place. The Baa atoll consists of three separate natural atolls, with rich biodiversity including large mangroves and a unique diversity of fauna. Hanifaru Bay is thought to be one of the few places in the world where whale sharks congregate to mate, and regularly sees some of the largest gatherings of manta rays worldwide when the tide pushes plankton into the bay.

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Faafu, Dhaalu & Thaa Atolls

To witness the traditional Maldivian way of life, come to this trio of rarely visited atolls. This part of the Maldives has been inhabited for centuries, as seen in the ancient mounds and ruined palaces, temples and mosques. Though there is a fledgling tourism industry here, old industries, such as boatbuilding, ropemaking and jewellery-making are still important, and you can often see craftspeople at work. Faafu atoll is a magical world in the Maldives filled with absolute silence except for the breeze and the whisper of waves. The island has been included in the list of the top twenty five diving spots in Maldives, with the drop off only metres from shore in some places. The atoll water is abundant in fish and wide stretches of coral reefs.

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Haa Dhaalu Atoll

A new fully equipped marina and resort at North Thiladhunmathi has opened up this northern region of the Maldives to yachts. The island of Kumundhoo has an intriguing stone circle, which may be the remains of a Buddhist stupa, that’s worth a visit and the kindness of the locals here, who have aided many sailors throughout history, is legendary. Haa Dhaalu Atoll is home to a peaceful fishing community, and some of the most luxurious beach resorts with private sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons. The underwater landscapes are ideal for new divers, with Maldivian reef life, large tuna, plenty of sharks and a stunning ‘cathedral’ dive site. Surfing enthusiasts will find some splendid surf points which are ideal for all levels of competence.

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Male, the capital of the Maldives, offers a colourful and lively contrast to the quiet idyll of island life. A stop here will give you the chance to see the real Maldives, where you can browse the markets, and taste some of the traditional hedhikaa (finger food) at one of the many tea shops that are extremely popular among the local population. Immerse yourself into the Maldivian culture and history, where the throbbing capital is a stark contrast to the laid-back pace of island life elsewhere in the country. Watch the day’s catch being brought in from the harbour to the Fish Market where you'll find some huge tuna, octopus and grouper. Since Islam is their official religion, the dress code is more restricted than other islands.

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Noonu Atoll

An important place for conservation, this area northeast of Baa and Raa, was the first to be granted full national park status with the Edu Faru National Marine Park in 2011. The island of Landhoo houses the remnants of a hawitta (an ancient man-made mound), evidence of human habitation dating back until at least 2,000BC. The Noonu atoll is well known for its underwater wonders of coral reefs and lagoons, home to various aquatic animals and species from snappers to spinning dolphins, facilitating endless snorkelling and diving spots. The tropical islands, idyllic white beaches and azure seas stretching out in every direction makes the location the most expensive in the Maldives.

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North Male Atoll

Your first stop as you venture out to the atolls, these white sand fringed islands are what a dream Maldives yacht charter is all about. There is excellent diving – including at Gaafaru Falhu, where you can dive among wrecks, and the aptly named Aquarium dive site in Lohifushi – some luxury resorts and some secluded picnic islands. The once secret Northern Atolls have emerged as an integral part of the international surf scene, as well as the hub of the growing Maldives surf scene. While the North Male Atoll is in contention for having the best waves in the Maldives, it unquestionably hosts the most popular spots, and definitely provides the longest rides.

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Raa Atoll

Another largely undiscovered region, and for a long time closed to visitors, Raa Atoll still has a very real, untouched feel about it. Traditional Maldivian Dhoni boats are still built here and many of the islanders are skilled at fishing. For outsiders, it’s a Paradise of treasure islands and impressive dive spots. Raa atoll is one of the northern, most visited atolls in the Maldives, with only 15 of the 88 islands being inhabited. The atoll’s outer ridge is deep, while the inner islands sit on shallower plateaus, creating ideal conditions for marine life diversity. Expect schools of reef fish, sharks, napoleon wrasses, rays and turtles, as well as colourful soft and hard corals.

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Shaviyani Atoll

Newly opened to tourists, the undisturbed beaches of Shaviyani Atoll have long been a breeding place for green sea turtles. The crystal clear waters surrounding the atoll have white, sugar-soft sand and thriving seagrass meadows beneath them. Out of bounds for most visitors, this is where your charter yacht earns its stripes – taking you to the islands that few others can reach. The least developed of all atolls in the Maldives, Shaviyani is your exquisite personal hideaway with tranquil waters, courtesy of one of the country's largest resort lagoons. In the administrative capital, Funadhoo, lies the ruins of an ancient mosque and tombstones that date back to the 13th century. The atoll is enjoyed for the calm waters and the beautiful coves that surround it.

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Southern Male Atoll

A lot less populous than its northern counterpart, South Male Atoll has just three inhabited isles in its fold. One of these, Maafushi, is now a hub for independent travellers, with little of the glitz of the resort islands, but a good place to arrange dive trips. Most of the best dive sites are around the Vaadhoo Kandu, including the Velassaru Caves, where you’ll find turtles, sharks and rays and Kuda Giri, which has a sunken ship, and is good for beginners. If you fancy dropping into a resort for the day, the resorts in Southern Male are more likely to accommodate you than in the north.

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The least populous area of the country, there are good anchorages at Keyodhoo and, to its south, Rakeedhoo, which are good bases for joining dive trips. At Fotteyo, you can snorkel or dive amid caves, arches, and corals among a huge range of tropical fish, rays, turtles and sometimes even hammerhead sharks. Vaavu atoll is located 40 miles from the capital Malé, reachable by a speedboat ride in just over an hour. It's the smallest administrative atoll in the Maldives in terms of population, and is known as the best fishing spot, especially for those who seek the thrill of large prizes, including blue marlin.

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