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Yacht Charter in Papua New Guinea

Home to some of the most colourful and diverse birds of paradise in the world, a Papua New Guinea yacht charter rewards those willing to take sunrise treks with expert guides through dense rainforest, or venture into the sensory overload of local towns. Well off the beaten track for yacht charters, the diversity of the scenery and the rich eco-systems of Papua New Guinea makes for the memories of a lifetime.

When it comes to sailing Papua New Guinea, our yacht brokers can help you get the most out of your Papua New Guinea yacht charter, so please give us a call and let us help you discover this relatively unknown cruising ground.

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Yacht Charter in Papua New Guinea


For travellers in search of World War II relics, this isolated port town in the Milne Bay province is a must-visit stop as you are sailing Papua New Guinea. The volcanic islands of the Louisiade Archipelago are of particular interest, as here, you can dive into clear waters in search of wartime plane wrecks with volcanic black sand beneath you and colourful sealife all around.

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This picturesque harbour town, with its unfeasibly blue lagoon waters and backdrop of rugged mountains and lush jungle to one side and beautiful volcanic islands to the other is a delightful stopover on your Papua New Guinea yacht charter. There’s a busy market where you can shop for tropical produce, handmade jewellery, handwoven bags, and clay pots made by the Bilbil people, while the waters around the lagoon are home to some of the most famous dive sites in the world.

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New Britain

Part of the Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea’s largest island of New Britain offers a magical mix of unfettered wilderness, colonial history, and traditional cultures. It is also known as volcano country, and as you wander its pristine rainforest you will come across craters, both dormant and active. However, it is New Britain’s coastal waters that will truly impress you. Kimbe Bay offers world-beating diving around dramatic seamounts and coral pinnacles where you’ll often be joined by orcas, spinning dolphins, dugongs, and sperm whales. You can also dive amid huge underwater mountains, remnants of extinct volcanoes.

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New Ireland

One of the most remote and yet friendliest regions of Papua New Guinea, the long, narrow, and mountainous island of New Ireland has been peopled by explorers, missionaries, Japanese armed forces, and traders. It’s a popular place for game fishing and dive sites such as Albatross Passage and Planet Channel offer excellent opportunities to swim with grey reef sharks, pygmy seahorses, and dogtooth tuna amid inconceivably colourful reefs.

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Sepik River

Flowing through the jungle heartland of Papua New Guinea, this mighty river travels from the Indonesian border right through to the Bismarck Sea, passing by mountains, rainforest, and swamplands along the way. The villages along the river are home to rural communities who have been largely unchanged by modern interventions and who still adhere to centuries-old rituals and traditions to this day.

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