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Yacht Charter in Pacific Islands

The remote atolls of French Polynesia are quite different to your normal superyacht destination, but that’s exactly the magic. These sinking volcanos are surrounded and protected by coral reefs, teeming with sea life and virtually untouched by humans. With a charter around the Pacific islands, you’re unlikely to come across another yacht unless you want to.

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Yacht Charter in Pacific Islands

French Polynesia

Two things that make the Society Islands special: the colour and clarity of the water and the charm of the locals. Sail past Tahiti and Bora Bora and make for the remote islands such as Moorea, Huahine, Maupiti and Tahaa. Towering Mt Rotui divides the beautiful bays of Cook and Opunohu. Take a canoe and some small pieces of fresh fish to hand feed the rays and mantas. Feeling brave? There are dive centres that can take you shark feeding.

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Papua New Guinea

Home to some of the most colourful and diverse birds of paradise in the world, a Papua New Guinea yacht charter rewards those willing to take sunrise treks with expert guides through dense rainforest, or venture into the sensory overload of local towns. Well off the beaten track for yacht charters, the diversity of the scenery and the rich eco-systems of Papua New Guinea makes for the memories of a lifetime.

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Yacht charter in the Pacific Islands

Set sail on a voyage of a lifetime, exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific's azure waters, pristine beaches, and idyllic islands. In Fiji, it’s all about rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches and more coral reefs with lagoons teeming with sea life. The collection of islands and islets offer some of the best water sport conditions. An abundance of waves means there are spots for all levels of surfing, and the steady winds providing a haven for kitesurfing, windsurfing and more. The Lau islands east of Fiji are perfect for superyachts, offering calm and protected anchorage inside the reef and wonderful cruising as unearthly green islands rise up from the sea.

The Pacific islands spans such a vast area that the first challenge is choosing where to focus your time. French Polynesia is a highlight of any Pacific yachting holiday, and Edmiston’s expert charter brokers suggest it as a good introduction to the region. There’s a strong French influence here, but the islands have still got the local culture fully intact. These remote atolls - sinking volcanos surrounded and protected by coral reefs - are quite different to your normal super yacht destination, but that’s exactly the magic.

Pacific Islands Yacht Charter Experts Advice

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Your Edmiston crew can help you hire a local guide to take you swimming with turtles, gliding over long sea grass filled with colourful fish. A word of advice, though: when you arrive, it’s customary to bring an offering of kava root to the local village chief in return for mooring off their waters, a native plant which gives a mild euphoric high when consumed.

This can be picked up when doing provisions in the capital of Suva, and is crushed into a paste and mixed with water before being shared at elaborate cava festivals.

Tahiti is known for its surfing, with deep southern ocean swell hitting the reef, and Teahupo’o one of the largest and most famous waves in the world. While there are tourist hotspots like Bora Bora, and Papeete (the capital of Tahiti) has all the western conveniences needed to stock up on provisions, there are more than 100 remote islands to explore.

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Yacht charters to the Pacific islands are not for the fair-weather holiday maker. Embrace the challenge, however, and you’ll be rewarded some of the most pristine and undiscovered corners of the earth. Get ready for remote white sand islands, surfing hotspots, snorkelling on coral reefs, WWII shipwrecks and much more.

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Between here and Moraya, a fast flow of water means huge pods of humpback whales come to feed, and the sea is filled with ocean life. The northernmost islands of Fakarava and Rangiroa are equally spectacular: with immense lagoons that are classified as biosphere reserves, it’s common to see huge pods of friendly dolphins feeding here.

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A luxury yacht charter in the Pacific Islands

With more than 130 islands scattered over five archipelagos, the Pacific is a wonderful place to explore onboard a yacht. The area offers the perfect blend of ocean and lagoon sailing, with protected crystalline lagoons and deserted white sand beaches, deep valleys of green tropical rainforests, and flat coastal fields of taro and flowers. The region is ideal for those with a deep sense of adventure and wanderlust, as well as those who just want the opportunity to explore a new part of the world.

With uncrowded ports, excellent and abundant anchorages and a superb tropical climate for most of the year, Edmiston’s charter experts will ensure that every aspect of your trip is bespoke and utterly unforgettable. Discuss your wishes and ideas with Edmiston’s esteemed crew and charter broker experts for the best on-the-ground knowledge.