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Edmiston targeted by recruitment scam

Edmiston & Company has been made aware of a recruitment scam in which the perpetrators have been fraudulently and deceptively using the company name to deceive victims.

From the information obtained, the scam involves individuals being contacted via email, regarding a “job vacancy” or offer of employment by “Edmiston Yacht Hotel” or "Edmiston Cruise Line". These are a non-existent organisations. Edmiston & Company does not recruit via email.

It has been reported that some individuals targeted have been asked to provide contact information, complete a questionnaire or fill in a form (requesting personal information) as part of the “recruitment process”.  Some legitimate crew recruitment job boards have been used to facilitate the scam.

The perpetrators of the scam may be contacting individuals via a free email address (e.g. gmail) which may include the name “Edmiston” within the address.  

Some emails have been made to appear genuine by containing details of Edmiston staff or office addresses. This information is publically available and has been included to add authenticity to the scam.  Should you receive emails regarding “Edmiston Yacht Hotel” or "Edmiston Cruise Line" you should consider them counterfeit.

 If you have been impacted by this scam, we suggest you take the following steps:

  • Do not reply to emails regarding the scam and do not provide personal information or make financial payment.
  • Report the scam to the National Fraud Agency or Law Enforcement Agency within your country of residence.
  • Do not contact Edmiston & Company. We are aware and have reported it to the Authorities and our Solicitors.

This is a deliberate and fraudulent misuse of the Edmiston name and brand.

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