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Daylesford's exclusive benefits for Edmiston clients

As the festive season approaches, why not head to Daylesford for gifting ideas, including the very best organic food and drinks, pampering skincare and artisan homeware.

With Daylesford at the Edmiston London Heliport in Battersea, we look forward to welcoming you for a delightful treat.

Arrive a few minutes early and take tea or coffee with their delicious biscuits before take-off. Collect a brochure and read all about their passion for organic produce, which can be delivered to your home or even to your yacht.

At Daylesford, their love for food drives everything they do – from sustainable farming practices, the items they sell in their farmshops in London and the Cotswolds, the dishes they serve in their organic cafes; it even inspired the title of their first book.

They have a deep love for real food; simple, good food, grown slowly, with nothing added. "Real, organic food is better for the soil, better for farming, better for animal welfare, better for our future - and tastes better too.

Carole Bamford, Daylesford's founder's vision many years ago was to create a transparent, honest farming system that was organic, sustainable and able to produce high quality food. With an organic food system such as ours, animals are free to roam, graze and feed upon herb and clover-rich grass pasture, enabling livestock to accumulate micronutrients, the essential and beneficial fats, minerals and vitamins. This means that a diet of organic food gives the utmost nutrition, with higher levels of vitamins and minerals than non-organic foods.

Daylesford is certified organic, meaning our farming practices, production units, farmshops and cafés are audited thoroughly and regularly by The Soil Association. We proudly bear the certification mark to show our food is fully traceable, high quality and grown as nature intended using natural fertilisers.

Award-winning cheese, a huge array of breads, pastries, meat raised from pasture to plate and fresh farm-sourced vegetables are all available to order, simply visit their website https://www.daylesford.com/

For any additonal information and to find out about exclusive benefits for Edmiston clients, please contact us.


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