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Why the Indian Ocean should be your next charter destination

Crystal-clear waters, world-class dive sites and some of the rarest wildlife in the world, the Indian Ocean is an incredible winter cruising ground.

With four spectacular charter yachts heading to the Indian Ocean this winter, there’s never been a better time to book a charter holiday in this remote idyll, with endless islands and caves to explore, endemic wildlife and phenomenal visibility that makes it one of the best dive destinations in the world.

The Seychelles

Think of the Indian Ocean and one place probably springs to mind – The Seychelles, a paradisical playground that is home to tropical islands, where white sandy beaches overlooked by huge palm trees, drift down to turquoise waters.

A yacht charter in the Seychelles also has another jewel up its sleeve, the Aldabra atoll – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which comprises four islands made of raised coral: Aldabra, Assomption, Cosmolédo and Astove.

The Aldabra atoll is a true off-the-beaten track charter destination, home to a unique ecosystem, with some parts only accessible by helicopter or submarine – nothing La Datcha or Planet Nine can’t reach - two of our yachts that will be based within cruising range this winter.


With over 1100 islands, just 220 of which are inhabited, it’s easy to feel that treasure island level of escapism in the Maldives and your private chef is on hand to organise an unforgettable alfresco meal on your own deserted island.

For more exclusivity and sea views like nowhere else, book a table at the underwater restaurant Sea on Kihavah island. Enjoy delicious food, surrounded by shoals of fish as you dine. And don’t leave the Maldives until you’ve blissed out at one of the sensational spas for which the island group is renowned.


With is translucent waters, luminous green lagoons, abundant wildlife and secret coves, Mauritius is a wonderful charter destination.

It’s sort of a forgotten land where a slow pace of life prevails and the beaches and villages of the north and east give way to the forests and mountains of the south – don’t miss Ilot Gabriel beach, just off the northern tip of the main island – picture postcard perfection.

What can you do on an Indian Ocean yacht charter?

The main two reasons to charter a yacht in the Indian Ocean are for the jaw-dropping wildlife and the stupendous diving you can experience here.

In the Maldives, the Baa Atoll Biosphere reserve, is home to some of the Indian Ocean’s largest groups of coral reefs, offering a beautiful and tranquil window into the brilliant underwater natural world.

In Mauritius, much of the diving is around reefs as the main island is surrounded by coral, while the drift dive off the Pass St. Jacques is considered one of the best – here bull sharks and reef sharks can often be encountered.

Visitors to Mauritius can no longer see the Dodo, which once lived here, but they might be able to spot pink pigeons, endemic to Mauritius, which have incredibly bounced back from a population of just nine 30 years ago to five separate populations now.

At the Aldabra atoll you can plunge into some of the most secret dive spots in the world and free dive with dugongs in shallow waters, or visit sites such as Conny’s Channel, which has a high concentration of marine life, from basking sharks to barracudas and manta ray.

The isolation of the Aldabra atoll also means you can visit areas that few people have gone before and charter guests aboard LA DATCHA and PLANET NINE can view the ring of the atoll and the surrounding untouched islands from the air by helicopter, while on a LA DATCHA charter you can quite literally delve a little deeper and dive by submarine into unexplored channels and atolls.

What yacht to charter in the Indian Ocean?

This winter there will be four fantastic superyachts available to charter in the Indian Ocean, each with their own appeal.


This 85m Oceano motor yacht, comes with an extensive list of water toys, perfect for frolicking in the Indian Ocean’s crystalline waters. Her exquisite style from the expert eye of Terence Disdale is designed with outdoor living in mind, with a semi-enclosed air-conditioned bar on the sun deck, and no fewer than three Jacuzzis and one Jacuzzi pool.


This 83.50m statement yacht is Feadship’s first ever hybrid superyacht and comes with an awe-inspiring underwater lounge – ideal for spotting marine wildlife and the clean and quiet electric-diesel performance will help you maintain a stealth presence.


With a submersible, two commercially certified and operated helicopters, a fully certified dive centre and a 9m above-water observation lounge, the cruising opportunities aboard the 77-metre Damen-built yacht LA DATCHA are limitless.


One of the world’s foremost explorer yachts, the 73.20m Admiral-built yacht PLANET NINE comes with a MD-600N Explorer helicopter, hangar and landing pad for voyages of discovery by air, while her forward observation lounge with 180-degree views, means you need never miss a wildlife-spotting opportunity. Meanwhile, her large custom tenders will help you reach hard-to-get-to dive sites.

For more information on chartering in the Indian Ocean, contact us.

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