Why a Croatian charter should be on your bucket list for 2021 photo 1

Why a Croatian charter should be on your bucket list for 2021

If you are looking for sunshine sailing in the East Mediterranean, then a yacht charter in Croatia is the perfect choice for you. And we know just exactly the places you should visit

With borders now open for the summer and a large number of yachts available to charter, it’s time to start planning your next holiday in Croatia. Whether you are looking for a motor yacht or a sailing yacht, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.

Croatia is a wonderful fusion of natural beauty and architectural heritage. It has sensationally pretty anchorages, crystal clear warm water and a different atmosphere to the more the traditional Mediterranean cruising areas.

Amid the vivid blue waters of the Adriatic, Croatia’s 280 miles of coastline embraces everything from Roman ruins to an ultra-contemporary sailing scene, with more than 1200 islands and islets to choose from.

From secluded islands and beaches to flavour rich cuisine for an unforgettable culinary discovery and magnificent historic sites, Croatia has a lot to offer.

For you to experience the ultimate charter, we have found 102 exciting things to do in those magical Croatian waters, and we couldn’t wait to share them with you. But, before we share our full list of ideas, here are just a few things that you will experience on a Croatian charter.


1 - The northern peninsula is fast becoming like Tuscany: seafood, truffles and amazing local wines. For Roman ruins, Pula has some of the most intact structures anywhere in Europe.


2 - Known as ‘Little Venice’, much of the architecture was heavily influenced by invaders from across the Adriatic.

3 - Michelin star dining at Monte (the first to get the award in Croatia). “Cuisine that is spectacular, creative, trendy, almost theatrical” according to the Michelin Guide.


4 - Visit Utla near Malinska for the oldest olive grove in the Med. Family owned and handed down through the generations.


5 - UNESCO city of cultural and historical significance – amble through the busy streets making sure you buy a traditional cravat, named after the Croatian soldiers who wore small scarfs in battle against the French


6 - Subject to safety guidelines the Split summer Festival takes place from mid-July to mid-August and includes everything from jazz to open air opera, theatre and rock music concerts


7 - Take a limo or helicopter to Plitvice, north east and inland from Zadar. 16 lakes interconnected by spectacular waterfalls including Veliki Slap the biggest at 76 metres tall and nearly 100 metres wide.


8 - Anchor off and take the tender to the triangular St Nicholas Fortress. Built by the Venetians, a local guide will give you all the history. Lit up at night, the castle is a great backdrop for dinner on deck.


9 – Go Scuba diving and investigate the sunken Roman monasteries and Lucice caves, the Kabal peninsula or Purple Bay for scorpionfish and spotted sharks.


10 - Carpe Diem – epicentre of fashionable fun in Croatia. Bar, restaurant, beach club, and nightclub. Probably more for the 20-30 set but also cool for everyone. The bar and restaurant are on the waterfront in Hvar, the beach club / night club on nearby Marinkovac Island.

If you need more reasons to charter in Croatia, get in touch for your copy of the guide and to start planning your trip today. A selection of yachts available to charter in Croatia this summer can be found here below, please contact us for a wider selection.




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