The 60 million mile cruise that is the Pacific photo 1

The 60 million mile cruise that is the Pacific

The Pacific Ocean is 60 million square miles. So finding the right island is nothing to do with luck and everything to do with a precise act of navigation.

Planning a cruise of this nature is so exciting. The coral atolls, the daily rituals, the grasp and reach of what you want to see and do – it is about experience.
Edmiston has brokers who have been and seen these archipelagos and will help you plan the adventure.
From the Society Islands to the Marquesas and from the Tuamotos to Fiji there are experiences awaiting your presence that will stay with you for life.


Dreamy resort on a tiny Fijian atoll that is at the same time a magnificent place to scuba, snorkel or relax in an exquisite wellness spa. Your yacht will bring you here and then on to create your very own ‘pop up’ private island in the deserted atoll of your choice.

Tiputa pass

Coral atoll off French Polynesia where you can witness anything from humpback whales to giant tuna meeting their friends from the sharks, rays and barracuda family.

The Brando

Eco resort on Tetiaroa atoll in French Polynesia. Observe and be part of the oceanographic work done in this remarkable environment on Brando’s private island. Your yacht can help or just be your home in this haven.

The giant astrolabe

Reef off Fiji that is playschool for sharks, manta rays, turtles and pilot whales.

To find out more about crusing the Pacific, please contact your Edmiston Broker or click here.


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