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Life never looked (or felt) better

This summer, take a rejuvenating wellness charter that will leave you feeling re-energized (as well as thoroughly spoiled).

Fresh sea air is a natural tonic to fast-paced living, and whether you’re under wind or power, or simply sat listening to the gentle kiss of waves against the hull at anchor, your everyday worries will soon drift away.

Surrender yourself to the soothing hands of your master masseur, dip your toes in the shimmering waters of the sundeck pool, or wake up early for an alfresco yoga session.

For a touch more adventure, take personal training to new heights by hiking a remote mountain, dive into turquoise seas and explore underwater caves, or make good use of the water toys and get playful in a deserted bay.

With your own private superyacht, nature’s playground is your oyster, and when you’re back on board your amiable crew and personal chef will ensure your well being is taken good care of, night and day.

On a five-star wellness charter, you get to travel the world in the utmost comfort while ensuring your health remains in peak condition.


Sensational spas

Who doesn’t feel better after they’ve visited a spa? With your own private on-board spa - like the one featured on SAVANNAH - you can put yourself in the hands of expert therapists as often as you like. Feel the healing powers of Reiki or unwind with a blissful holistic massage. Soften and reawaken tired skin with a heavenly facial or indulge in a seawater treatment.

Perhaps you’d prefer to detox in a steam room or sauna, or experience the full ritual of a Moroccan Hammam. However you like to unwind, we have the right spa for you. Because if you can’t treat yourself when you’re on holiday, when can you?


Make a splash

Diving off the bathing platform when you’re at anchor is one of the simple pleasures of a charter holiday, nothing says ‘relaxation’ quite like plunging into your own pool.

Maybe you’d like to kickstart your day with a few laps in a glass-bottom pool, cool off from the afternoon sun with a refreshing dip in the spa pool, or order a drink from the well-stocked swim-up bar.

Watch the sunset from the Jacuzzi on the flybridge, pose by Insta-friendly infinity pools – some with their own waterfall – and just bask in the sheer luxury of it all.

Eat well, feel well

Our specialist on board chefs can provide bespoke menus to suit any diet, be it plant-based, vegan or protein-fueled, helping nourish you from the inside out.

We’ll source the best ingredients and prepare delicious dishes rich in nutrients and feel-good flavour.

Start each day with juices and smoothies packed with goodness, sit down to a tasty three-course lunch, have grilled fish on the barbecue, or eat little and often.

We’ll be only too happy to cater for whichever diet works for you.


Let’s get physical

Don’t worry about letting your fitness slide when on holiday. Our well equipped gyms will help you work up a sweat and get your heart pumping, whether you want to lift free weights, run on the treadmill or take a spinning class.

We can arrange for personal trainers to join you on board, or combine your workout session with some sightseeing – think Pilates on an isolated beach or a run through a beautiful nature reserve.

Take a paddle boat tour round a secret cove or let us transport you to a hidden beauty spot for a meditation or yoga session like never before.


For us, holidays are all about downing tools and picking up toys. We have an array of playthings for you to enjoy, whichever superyacht you opt for.

Throw yourself down a giant waterslide, whizz around the bay on a Jet-ski, experience pure adrenalin with a high-powered Seabob or enjoy silence and serenity on a scuba diving expedition.

Because who says kids get to have all the fun?

You won’t need another holiday after this one – but you’ll want one.

With the perfect blend of indulgence and wellness, we’re confident you’ll leave your charter yacht feeling better than when you arrived, having enjoyed the right balance of relaxation, adventure and luxury.

Whether you are looking for a full detox or just want to ensure your mind, body and soul are kept in check while you unwind, we’ll find the ideal charter for you.

Unlike other holidays, where you often feel in need of another one straight after, with an Edmiston charter you’ll leave feeling better than ever. There's just one problem: you won’t want that feeling to stop.

For more information on a wellness and Spa charter, contact your broker today.

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