La Datcha, Heli-skiing charters in Russia 2021 photo 1

La Datcha, Heli-skiing charters in Russia 2021

LA DATCHA is available for heli-skiing charters in Russia, from March 2021.

Once you’ve tasted the unadulterated joy of heli-skiing in remote destinations, you’re spoiled for life. Equipped with two helicopters, LA DATCHA opens the world to keen skiers, who can float though virgin snow in the Kuril Islands and descend the peaks of smouldering volcanos to frozen beaches in Kamchatka.

For the non-skiers, LA DATCHA also offers the possibility of diving in a submarine, snowmobiling on the snow scooters, kayaking amongst the fjords, hiking up different volcanoes, wild salmon and Royal crab fishing and discovering the jaw-dropping panoramas of Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands from the Observation Lounge.

A charter aboard LA DATCHA offers a chance to explore this unforgettable land of ice and fire from ashore, from the sea and from above.

This place is the real ‘Far East’, and the word ‘Kamchatka’ has become synonymous with the most unreachable parts of Russia. The peninsula is often described as “another Planet” for its breathtaking and unique landscape, where luminescent green meets brownstone and its 300 volcanoes, active geysers, thermal springs and glaciers are blanketed in thick layers of ice and snow.

The Kuril Islands
Soaring stone cones seemingly cut by clouds, Martian landscapes, miles of deserted beaches and white rocks, gentle sunsets, unique plants and animals – each of the Kurile Islands has secrets and a fascination all of its own. We come to hear the overwhelming silence of the wilderness, witness unparalleled beauty, and immerse ourselves into an unforgettable experience. 

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