Enjoy the winter holidays on board a luxury yacht photo 1

Enjoy the winter holidays on board a luxury yacht

This year, why not spend Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's eve far away, cruising through idyllic islands all the while being pampered by your very own crew. Here is a selection of yachts ready to make that happen.

With our fleet available accross the world, from remote destinations to more popular ones, there are plenty of stunning destinations to choose from.

The Sea of Cortez

From its ancient Mayan and Aztec roots to its contemporary revival as a centre for arts and sciences, Mexico is one of Latin America’s most beautiful and culturally rich countries.

Separating the Baja California peninsula from the Mexican mainland, the Sea of Cortez is a UNESCO world heritage site that has an almost legendary status among divers and marine naturalists. John Steinbeck wrote a book about his voyage here aboard a scientific collecting expedition in 1940, and Jacques Cousteau famously called it ‘the world’s aquarium.’

The 60,000-square-mile gulf is divided between a temperate zone (north of La Paz, the state capital of Baja California Sur) and a warmwater ‘Panamic’ zone (southward to Cabo San Lucas, a resort city on the peninsula’s tip). The meeting of these two ecosystems is what partly accounts for its extraordinary biological richness: some 900 fish species and 32 types of marine mammal gather to feed and breed here.

Massive blooms of plankton mean that even elusive blue whales can be sighted here, along with the gnarled humpbacks and grey whales that sound and breach in the bay.

One of the most sought-after superyachts available for charter in the Sea of Cortes, SUPER will ensure you discover the beauty of this region during the most festive period of the year. Enjoy wonderful marine life, an exclusive beach BBQ or perhaps invite some Mariachis onboard, the choice is yours.

The Caribbean

Caribbean yacht charters are the stuff of dreams – if Heaven was a place on earth it would surely be here amid the colourful reefs, sugar-white sands and palm-fringed islands that freckle the Caribbean Sea under cloudless skies like nature’s own beauty spots.

The string of Caribbean islands can roughly be split into two – the Greater Antilles to the northwest, which includes the larger islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rica, the Cayman Islands and Hispaniola, the dual-isle of Dominican Republic/Haiti (as well as practically speaking, at least, the Bahamas), and the Lesser Antilles, a chain of islands that stretches all the way from the Virgin Islands in the north to Grenada in the south.

With over 7,000 islands to choose from in this paradisiacal playground – of which fewer than 10% are inhabited – Caribbean Yacht charters offer the chance to drop anchor on your own desert island and cut yourself off completely from the rest of the world. Here you can bathe and snorkel in turquoise waters or doze off beneath a swaying palm tree, the silence broken only by the kiss of the waves upon the shore or the squawk of a parrot in the tropical trees above.

Built with luxury and comfort in mind, LIONESS V offers spectacular features. From a large swimming platform and fully equipped gym to a  hammam, she has everything you need for a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. For Christmas, why not choose a more adrenalin filled experience on board PLANET NINE. Or if you are looking for a sailing yacht, ROSEHEARTY is the yacht for you — a large swim platform allowing for easy access to the water, Jet skis, flyboards, seabobs, to name a few of her special features.

The Bahamas

Most visitors to the Bahamas never make it further than Nassau and Paradise Island. But with over 700 islands, secluded cays, a Fountain of Youth, the largest blue hole in the world and near-perfect weather all year round, these islands have so much more to offer.

The Bahamas are a beach and watersports mecca, and there’s no easier, more luxurious way to travel here than by yacht.

If it’s the beaches you’re after, set sail for Eleuthera and Harbour Island and wiggle your toes in the warm pink sand. Swim with pigs in the Exumas, or explore the mangrove trails in Lucayan National Park. If you’re cruising the islands on Boxing Day, Junkanoo is a festival of colourful parades and parties that fizz with the energy of the Rio carnival and New Orleans’ Mardi Gras.

So savour your Bahama Mama rum drinks in your sundeck’s hot tub, enjoy a family fish fry on the beach or tap your feet to some traditional rake ‘n’ scrape on Cat Island. In the Bahamas, there are a thousand ways to take it easy.

With a superbly proactive crew, motor yacht MYSTIC is ready to help you create unforgettable memories in the Bahamas. Enjoy Thansksgiving relaxing on her sundeck with a freshly prepared cocktail from her beautiful bar. A strikingly unique feature, is her ability to host 12 guests in six cabins, including two full-beam master suites, one of which has access to a private terrace.

The Indian Ocean - the Seychelles and the Maldives

The Seychelles and Maldives are often merged in to one, admittedly wonderful, South East Asian vision. The truth is different, more diverse and so much more enjoyable.

Breathtakingly beautiful, unspoiled and peaceful, the Seychelles islands are nonetheless luxuriously well-appointed for sailors, with plentiful bars, restaurants and yacht moorings. The local cuisine makes splendid and simple use of the freshest fish and seafood and exotic fruits so abundantly available. And if the sunbathing, swimming and sailing should begin to feel a little too samey, the Seychelles offer plentiful opportunities to burn some energy with diving, snorkelling, nature spotting and hiking.

Made up of almost 1200 islands, most of them ringed with powder white sand, a sheltered bright turquoise lagoon and a fringe of coral reef, the Maldives are a marine paradise. Here it is easy to find – alongside the luxury resorts - hundreds of uninhabited islands and isolated sandbanks for a genuine castaway experience.

The marine life in this corner of the Indian Ocean is astonishing and colourful. With corals and tropical fish to turtles, sharks, rays and whale sharks – the world’s largest fish – the underwater views are on a par with those above the surface.

The recently refitted explorer BLEU DE NIMES is available for Christmas and New Year in this area. Make the most of her sea-exploring capabilities in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Marrying traditional design with exceptional facilities, she can welcome a large group of friends and family.

French Polynesia

The idyllic islands of French Polynesia are some of the most remote in the world. From the dreamy five-star resorts of Bora Bora to the black-sand beaches of Tahiti, sailing the Polynesian islands will take you into the far reaches of the South Pacific.

The 118 islands and atolls of French Polynesia lie roughly half-way between Australia and California. Spread across an area of some 1,000 miles of sea, at times these isles seem virtually untouched by time. Outside the main hub of Papeete on Tahiti, shopping malls and office blocks are few and far between. Instead, a yacht charter in French Polynesia will transport you to a place where rainforest meets the sea, local communities are reliant on natural resources and the horizon goes on for days.

You could spend days or weeks doing little more than drifting between the islands on a Tahiti yacht charter, gazing across illuminous blue waters from the comfort of your sun deck, dropping anchor every now and then to set up for the day on your own palm-fringed motu, to dive amid bright coral reefs, swim in lonesome lagoons or to trek deep into the interior of the island of your choice.

A vintage explorer, SURI can take you wherever you’d like to go, while offering on-board amenities that would put other charter yachts to shame. You might decide to use the helicopter to explore secluded exotic islands or you could even learn to dive under the watchful eye of SURI’s own PADI dive master.




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