Caribbean hot spots for 2021, by the experts photo 1

Caribbean hot spots for 2021, by the experts

Our brokers share their insights on the places you should definitely consider for your next Caribbean yacht charter

Sun, sea, sand and soca: a Caribbean yacht charter has all the ingredients for a blissful, warm, exciting holiday, but if you’re overwhelmed with choice of where to go, then let our experts guide you.

Our brokers have seen it all and planned charter itineraries in and around the more than 7,000 Caribbean islands, so who better to advise on the places you should visit on your Caribbean yacht charter than them?

The British Virgin Islands (BVIs)

Favoured by a few of our brokers, the BVIs are a popular destination for Caribbean yacht charters thanks to its steady trade winds, sheltered bays and cool, laid-back beach bars.

Robert Shepherd, Partner at Edmiston, says: “The BVIs are perfect for clients who are cautious about motion, as they are mostly protected islands, and you can cruise from island to island in less than an hour. There are great beaches and some fantastic resorts, such as Peter Island and Little Dix Bay, plus The Baths on Virgin Gorda, created by giant boulders, are a natural wonder.”

Charter broker Charles Crane is equally enamoured, he says: “The BVIs have a particular charm with plenty of islands to explore and enjoy. Highlights include the stunning beaches of Anguilla, kitesurfing and world-famous lobster on Anegada Island, and a wildlife tour on the private Necker Island.”

The US Virgin Islands (USVIs)

This exotic group of islands, just west of the BVIs, and a territory of the United States, are known as ‘America’s Paradise’. There are three principal islands: St Croix, St Thomas, and St John, plus around 50 islets, cays, and other islands within the archipelago.

Hannah Wolstenholme, charter broker at our New York office, is a big fan of St John and recommends the following: “Start your day with a hike followed by a kayak and snorkelling excursion to visit the sea turtles. Having worked up an appetite, head for lunch at Lime Out, a swim-up taco bar where diners are served crunchy fresh fish tacos to the comfort of your own individual rubber ring. A truly unique experience that only somewhere in the Caribbean can offer.

The Bahamas and Exumas

Some would argue that the Bahamas is not technically part of the Caribbean (it lies just a little north), but it too has the sugar-white sands and easy-going atmosphere of its nearby neighbours and is one of our brokers’ top recommendations for those looking for a Caribbean charter.

Charles Crane says: “The Bahamas & Exumas is a must-visit region, and a yacht is the best (and only!) way to fully experience it. With an almost limitless supply of islands, inlets and coves all surrounded by warm, shallow, and clear waters – fishing, kitesurfing, watersports, snorkelling and diving amid shipwrecks are all on the agenda. This region was designed for yachting and easy access via the airport in Nassau completes the picture.”

Armelle Field, a charter broker from our Monaco office, says: “If you are looking for a remote cruising experience, where time seemingly stops and calmness surrounds you, you should definitely embark on a voyage to the Bahamas and discover the Exumas.

“In these paradisiacal islands you can swim with pigs, see wild animals, and experience some amazing diving, as the marine life is plentiful, and there are lots of other water activities too. Surrounded by clear turquoise waters and beautiful beaches, with a year-round warm climate, what else could you need?”

St Barths and the Leeward Islands

The island of St Barths is a popular charter destination for good reason.

Armelle Field says: “St Barths is perfect if you are looking for some ‘French flavour’, as it offers a variety of wonderful chefs and restaurants. You will discover during your cruise some beautiful spots and beaches along the coastline, from the famous Shell Beach to the secluded Anse de Grande Saline, the Gouverneur Beach and Colombier Beach, where you can enjoy some snorkelling – spying through transparent water to the turtles, box fish, angel fish and more below. It is definitely a fun place to be for the festive period.”

Hannah Wolstenholme, charter broker at our New York office, agrees: “For me nothing beats St Barths,” she says. “Cruise by yacht to the secluded bay of Colombier, St Barths’ best-kept secret. This beach is only accessible by yacht, or a steep hike, which makes it less crowded than the rest of the island.”

“Have the crew set up a beach picnic for you in the white sand. As the afternoon draws to a close, reposition to Shell Beach for sunset cocktails at Shellona. The perfect way to end your day before you head out to one of the island’s fabulous restaurants for dinner. Bonito, with its view of Gustavia, is one of my all-time favourites.

Anne Lebernicheux, charter broker in our Monaco office, says that Guadeloupe should not be missed.

She says: “Looking like the wings of a butterfly, Guadeloupe is connected by a bridge. On the eastern island of Grande-Terre, you will find lots of white sandy beaches, while Basse-Terre on the west is more known for its waterfalls and rainforests.

“St Francois in Guadeloupe is a shallow lagoon ideal for watersports, and an excellent place to learn kitesurfing.”

Anne also says there are lots of ways to get off the beaten track in this region, too.

“Les Saintes”, she says, “is an archipelago of nine islands of which only two are inhabited.

“It’s fantastic to explore these islands on foot or to find some secluded beaches by tender. With crystal clear water and abundant sea life the snorkelling is fabulous.”

Robert Shepherd also recommends Anguilla as an alternative to St Barths: “It has nice resorts and great restaurants, but it also has beautiful powdery white beaches, which is a bonus,” he says.

The Windward Islands

Aside from the obvious hotspots, don’t overlook the Windward Islands, which form the southern arc of the Lesser Antilles.

Charles Crane says: “Going further south into the Windward Islands, Dominica is a stand-out spot known for its incredible trekking and beautiful waterfalls – a must for any nature fans.”

Anne Lebernicheux is also a big fan of Martinique. She says: “Known as the ‘island of flowers,’ Martinique features beautiful, lush vegetation, fields of mango and papaya, and large plantations of bananas, pineapple and sugarcane.

“Martinique is distinctly French in its cuisine and style. Try La table de Marcel in Fort-de-France and visit Depaz, one of the best and most beautiful rum distilleries.

“You will find some dark sandy beaches on the northern part of the island and magnificent white sand beaches on the southern part. There are lots of fantastic dives to do, and you will also find some shipwrecks in St Pierre.”

Robert Shepherd says: “For a more ‘Polynesian’ type experience, try St Vincent and the Grenadines. Tobago Cays in the south are beautiful and offer remote cruising in crystal-clear blue waters with restaurants on some of the isles. Canouan is also a great choice.”

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