Edmiston sails into 2022 as market leaders photo 1

Edmiston sails into 2022 as market leaders

The yachting industry is strong as we head into 2022 and Edmiston boasts a 50% share of yachts sold over 70m

This year has been a strong one for Edmiston, with 47 yachts sold – more than double the number for 2020 – to the total value of over €1bn.

Edmiston holds a 30% market share of global yacht sales over 50m, while when it comes to the over 70m category, our market share rises to an impressive 50%. In addition, we have been involved in the sale of half of the 10 biggest yachts sold in 2021 across the whole industry, including six of the top 10 most expensive deals of the year.

And aside from the impressive number of yachts sold, Edmiston is proud to say that we continue to sell yachts twice as fast as the industry average – with yachts flying off our books at an average rate of 298 days this year, compared with the global average of 604 days.

We have managed to sell over 50% of our CA fleet in 2021. Our quickest yacht sales in 2021 were the 42m Baglietto CLICIA, which sold in just 29 days, the 57m Feadship HALO, which sold in just 46 days, and the 54m Amels yacht 4YOU, which sold in just 51 days.

One of Edmiston’s proudest achievements this year has been to support our clients through the full lifecycle of their yachts, as demonstrated with the yachts NORTHERN ESCAPE and RESILIENCE, where we have been by the side of their Owners every step of the way, from sale to build and charter.

And the good news continues across the industry, with the whole market predicted to be up close to 40% on 2020. In 2021, 362 yachts over 30m sold across the world, surpassing the number of industry sales for 2019, which was a strong year. Yachts are selling well across all segments of the market, too, with the new-built market particularly booming.

Alex Koersvelt, Commercial Director at Edmiston, says: “We are continuing to witness an active market with clients looking for yachts. It’s looking likely that this will carry over into 2022.”

However, Alex says that the market supply is reduced with demand holding strong which is one of the reasons Edmiston has done several off-market deals in the last weeks including the 56m ROSEHEARTY, 49m N2H and 56m MELEK.

The majority of top shipyards are now unable to a deliver a yacht before 2025,” he says, “So clients that do not wish to wait will need to focus on the brokerage market instead. Having the best market intelligence is more important than ever.”

In terms of yacht charters, 2021 has seen unprecedented activity, with an upturn in bookings that has seen a return to pre-Covid booking volumes.

Our brokers are seeing an increase in bookings further east in the Mediterranean, while the average length of charters has continued to rise, with the average length of charter bookings now 10 days, up 9% on 2020 and 31% on 2019, and there is a positive outlook for summer 2022 based on the enquiries we’ve received so far.

All-in-all, the year ahead looks promising and once again we’ve proven that at Edmiston, we don’t just list yachts, but we sell them… and we book them.

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