Make new year resolutions last beyond January with a wellness charter

Make new year resolutions last beyond January with a wellness charter

Because you won’t find a better place to live a healthy lifestyle than on board a yacht

New year’s resolutions are usually just that: things people resolve to do in the new year and then gradually give up on as January trundles into February.

But wouldn’t you feel better if this year you stuck to your new year health kick? On a yacht charter you can, because staying healthy on a yacht is really no chore at all, in fact, the chances are, you’ll come back from your holiday in better shape than ever, without even trying. Here’s how.

On your yacht charter, your private chef is there to cater for you and your party, providing delicious meals that will provide nourishment for both the mind and body, whether you have special dietary requirements, want to try local dishes from the places you visit, or just maintain a healthy diet while away.

On board GRACE, chef Samuel Toomey, formerly of the Michelin-starred Spanish restaurant, Sabor Mayfair, prepares dishes where the emphasis is on fresh and healthy food. An expert in British and Mediterranean cuisines, Samuel is also a fan of Thai cooking and other eastern techniques and has extensive experience in catering for gluten-free, kosher, and other nutrition plans, without compromising on flavour.

On SILVER FOX, chef James Brown, who has trained under both Gordan Ramsey and Jason Atherton, brings a genuine passion and love for what he does in dishes as varied as Tom Kha soup and traditional British Beef Wellington. Meanwhile, as a keen rock-climber and advocate of yoga and meditation, CROSSBOW’s chef Christopher Davis, knows the importance of serving up dishes that both make you feel good and taste good and is keen to share his expertise.

Vitamin D and vitamin sea

We all need Vitamin D to stay healthy, and one way to get some is from direct sunlight on our skin, so it’s time to make the most of your yacht’s sunpads (covered in the appropriate sunscreen, of course).

If lounging on the sun deck is not appealing to you, then you can get the benefit of Vitamin D by spending time outdoors being active. Sailing yacht SHAMANNA, for instance, offers a good amount of deck space for doing some weights or yoga, while her packed toy box, which includes SUPs and kayaks, offers lots of opportunities for getting some vitamin sea out on the water.

Keep friends close

If a healthier lifestyle is high on your agenda for 2022, then it’s worth remembering that keeping fit needn’t be boring, nor do you have to go it alone. Water sports, a nice swim in the sea or an instructor-led sunset yoga sessions are all ways to stay active while being sociable. And where better to have a long catch-up chat than in the Jacuzzi – the luxuriously appointed sailing yacht AQUIJO has two to choose from: one in the chic beach club and another on the flybridge.

Take a little ‘me time’

A healthy body needs a healthy mind and on motor yacht PHOENIX 2, the spa menu is filled with treatments to make your worries melt away (as well as all those horrible toxins) and the yacht’s mantra ‘relax, recover, restore’ feels like life goals we should all aspire to.

Try a detoxifying algae wrap, complete with full body brushing and exfoliation, before you are lathered in a lotion of algae blended with essential oils, and wrapped up warm to let it all soak in.

On AQUIJO, if you can pull yourself away from one of the two Jacuzzis, there’s also a steam room and sauna, perfect for when you need a little time out.

Feel good from head to toe

For all-round wellness, don’t forget the little details. On LIONESS V, when you’re not unwinding by the elevated pool, you can be indulging in one of the many facials or nailcare treatments in the salon. Feel like a new person by undergoing the Le Lift purifying ritual that will leave you feeling good as new. We promise you won’t regret it.

With a good selection of yachts with remining availability in the Caribbean, be sure to book the wellness retreat you deserve now. Simply contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.


26 January 2022

Written by:

Caroline Munier