Kontiki: Experience the real Ecuador

Kontiki: Experience the real Ecuador

Get off the beaten track with a charter along this paradisical Pacific coastline aboard the only superyacht in the region

Taking its name from a raft on which five intrepid explorers set sail from the South American coastline to the Polynesian islands, it’s fitting that KONTIKI yacht is adventurous when it comes to travelling to places that few others do.

This 40m yacht is the first and only superyacht to call the Pacific coast of Ecuador her home and offers guests the chance to experience Ecuador the right way; with a fully Ecuadorian crew that knows the region well and works with native communities to ensure all charters are as authentic and sustainable as possible, and all without another superyacht in sight.

Ecuador is a place of unbelievable beauty and a quieter alternative to the Galapagos Islands for those looking for an out-of-this-world wildlife charter that is easy to reach but that also offers land-based adventures such as treks through the Amazon jungle or the Andes or Shamanic ceremonies.

Like it’s nature-rich neighbour, Ecuador is home to an awesome array of animals, from blue-footed boobies to whales and sealions but it also has well developed cities so guests can also enjoy nightlife, restaurants, and shopping on their holiday, in between beach days and water sports fun.

There are also few regulations here, which allows flexibility for extending stays or stopping longer at anchorages if guests so desire.

Onboard, KONTIKI has a peaceful atmosphere, with a wide use of natural materials and fabrics helping her to blend in with her unspoiled surroundings. The large sun deck with Jacuzzi, and the spa with gym and massage room, will help guests remain calm and at one with their tranquil environment, while local cuisine such as ceviche will be served up in tantalising dishes by the private chef.

From June until August, Ecuador is a brilliant place to spot humpback whales – there are so many here that even before guests have finished breakfast there’s a good chance they will have seen one breaching.

Guests needn’t miss a moment of Mother Nature’s magic on a KONTIKI charter – there are panoramic windows in the salon and unusually there are full-length windows in all the cabins, meaning guests can watch the scenery unfold and look out for wildlife from the comfort of their luxurious bed.

KONTIKI’s itineraries centre around the three tenets of authenticity, culture and ‘never seens’, which epitomise the Edmiston approach: it’s the unique experiences our guests enjoy that give them a deeper understanding of the places they visit and the people who live there, that sets us apart from our competitors.

A typical day on board KONTIKI would both introduce our guests to Ecuadorian culture and local customs and give them the chance to quench their thirst for adventure.

Our charters often begin in the capital of the sun, Salinas, a city that sits just below the Equator, a favoured holiday spot for Ecuadorians – it’s like the equivalent of the La Côte d’Azur to the French. Home to a colony of Chilean sea lions, it’s a great place to get a feel for the culture, the people and all the history and traditions that make Ecuador and the Pacific coast so special.

With her fantastic selection of aquatic toys, seen rarely in Mediterranean locations, KONTIKI offers the perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, fun and luxury. Whether you wish to spend all day in the jungle, go snorkelling with sealions, whizz around on the water until sunset, or partake in a Shamanic ceremony, it’s up to you.

In 2024 KONTIKI will also start offering charters in Costa Rica, which has only recently opened to superyachts, so you can get ahead of the curve there too.

KONTIKI’s adventurous spirit embodies Edmiston’s commitment to ensure our guests step off our charters with minds broadened, hearts full and memories to cherish forever.

Because at Edmiston, we don’t only provide luxurious yachts for exploring spectacular destinations, but we are dream-makers, ready to tailor the whole experience to you.

The only question is: where will your dreams take you?

To find out more about Kontiki or to plan your next adventure in Ecuador, contact us.


15 August 2023

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