Educational yacht charters for this summer

Educational yacht charters for this summer

Broaden your children’s horizons with a charter that combines travel with learning

If you want your children to get ahead this summer, why not incorporate a truly inspirational itinerary into your family holiday? The cultural experiences on offer in the Med will invoke so much wonder in inquisitive minds, the chances are, they won’t even realise they’re learning.

Visit sites of antiquity and follow in the footsteps of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, pore over art works and exhibits in some of the best galleries and museums in the world and introduce them to different cultures and ways of life as you visit new places.

Young yacht charter guests can also learn more about Conservation Collective Med initiatives, which are helping protect and improve biodiversity in crucial marine environments – a brilliant way for them to give back on their holiday.

Here are some of the best ways to open your children’s eyes and minds this summer, plus the charter yachts that still have some availability.

Educational charters in Greece

Island hopping in the Greek Isles is more than just coasting from beach to beach. Outspoken young people might want to visit the birthplace of democracy in Athens, while natural storytellers will be enchanted by the myths and legends of places like Delphi, whose ethereal atmosphere will no doubt fire their imaginations.

The Giorgio Armani-designed motor yacht MARIU, which comes with an RYA training centre for PWCs, is available from 24 August to 10 September in Athens for charters of a week or more.

There are a few options for sailing yachts: CROSSBOW is a luxurious high-performance yacht with availability from 5 to 17 July in Athens and from 1 to 12 September between Corfu and Athens; ROX STAR, is a family-friendly sailing yacht with availability from 13-20 July in Greece and from 5 September onwards in Greece or Turkey; VICTORIA A, possibly the best Perini Navi yacht for charter, with her distinctive blue headsails, five cabins and 5-star chef, has availability in Greece throughout the summer.

Educational charters in the South of France

A charter on the French Riviera is a great way for young people to put their French lessons into practice. France is also a fabulous place to inspire art students – in Nice you can see one of the biggest collections of Matisse works of anywhere, while the Picasso Museum in Antibes is unmissable. Meanwhile, in Corsica, citadels, watchtowers, and monuments tell of the island’s often turbulent past, while its unique polyphonic music speaks to the heart.

With the largest sun deck in her class, SILVER FOX has a slot to fill from 1-19 June in the South of France and Corsica.

The 72m CRN-built motor yacht ARBEMA is available from 7 to 14 July and from 3 to 22 August in the South of France, while LADY JORGIA, with her stunning glass-bottomed pool (which the kids will thank you for) is available from 26 August onwards.

A brand-new Baglietto with a huge sun deck and spacious beach club, SEVERIN*S is available from 10-22 September, while HALO, which comes with a packed toy box, plus its own yoga instructor, also has availability in the South of France from 29 June to 6 July and from 26 to 31 July.

ROCK.IT is a pedigree Feadship available from mid-July to mid-August for charters of two weeks or more, while EMERALD, an elegant yacht with a connecting master and VIP ideal for families is available 17-31 August. And, the 31m yacht GALENA, which comes with a split-level sun deck, is available from 23 June to 7 July and from 18-27 July between the South of France and the Italian Riviera.

Educational charters in Italy

A family charter to Italy is a great place to educate your children on everything from cooking – nothing will encourage cooks more than trawling the delicious markets for fresh produce – to Renaissance art. The inland cities of Rome and Florence are brimming with so much history and culture that youngsters will be swept away with the romance of it all, while some of the smaller villages of the Italian Riviera and the Amalfi coast offer great insight into local life. If you get the chance, pop to Sicily to see its mix of architectural styles, from Arab domes to Norman castles and Byzantine mosaics.

For an educational odyssey all the way from the South of France to Naples, 90.10m yacht PHOENIX 2 is available from 1st to 10th June or from 21st June to 3rd July.

Later in the season, ALEGRIA II is another yacht suitable for an intimate family charter, with availability from 17 to 24 August between Olbia and Portofino.

MALAHNE, that most regal of classic yachts, is available from 2-8 July in Naples, and from 22 July to 18 August between Naples and Bonifacio on the tip of Corsica.

A proven charter yacht with flexible accommodation, DEEP BLUE II is available from 9 August onwards in Italy or France.

A cool, contemporary yacht, with lots of outdoor space, DXB is available in the second half of August and from 10 to 30 September in Italy.

Educational charters in Spain

Spain is much-loved by families, thanks to its safe swimming, beautiful beaches, delicious food, and varied cultures. Catalonia in the north-east is a place of dense forests, glittering lakes and unique customs, and a must for young people who want to understand the determination of the independence movement.

Meanwhile, in the south of Spain, Almeria, a port town that is becoming increasingly popular with travellers, is overlooked by a spectacular Moorish fortress that warrants closer investigation.

Young travellers will also gain a lot from finding out more about how the Mallorca Preservation Foundation, one of the organisations supported by Edmiston’s partnership with the Conservation Collective, is working with local fishermen in the Balearics to hopefully bring an end to illegal and damaging fishing practices.

DIANE, a 43m Benetti with wonderful deck spaces, is available in the Balearics from 27 August onwards. For those looking to do an extended charter, SHAMANNA, a sophisticated sailing yacht, is available from 7 June to 2 July between Sicily and the Balearics.

For large groups, BLEU DE NIMES, a converted ocean voyager, is available from now until 23 August throughout the Med.

Educational charters in Croatia

Though its sparkling clear waters are undoubtedly a big draw, Croatia is also a great destination for those who want to wander ancient walled towns while imparting wisdom on their children.

It’s a place that kingdoms, empires, and republics have fought to control for millennia, leaving a rich cultural legacy on its landscape, that is evident.

Montenegro, just a short cruise away, has sat at the border between the West and East for centuries and is a must for European history students.

New to the charter market, the impeccable Rossinavi yacht PARILLION is available to charter from 10-17 June in Croatia and Montenegro, while later in the summer, BINA, with her oversized sun deck, is available from 8 August onwards.

Educational charters in Turkey

In the East Med, Turkey has more ruins and ancient monuments than its possible to count, with the Ottomans, Byzantines and Romans all leaving indelible marks here.

A stop off on the Silk Road, Turkey is considered by many to be a gateway between Europe and Asia, and young travellers interested in history, commerce, economics, and sustainability, will all find it enthralling.

Available in early June, or from 24 June AQUIJO, a yacht that redefines the sailing experience thanks to her wealth of amenities, is available for charter.

SUNRAYS, the palatial 85.50m Oceanco, with three Jacuzzis and a pool, is available from 16 August in the East Med and the West Med.

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25 May 2022

Written by:

Caroline Munier