Edmiston’s Guide To Finding The Right Yacht For You

Yacht ownership provides you with access to the world in a completely different way. Your yacht becomes your luxury accommodation, and you’ll able to immerse yourself in picturesque coastlines from a new vantage point, giving you a new appreciation of the beautiful landscapes from historical cities to more remote locations.

With yachts built to serve every style, from luxury retreats to exploration adventures, finding the right yacht to suit your needs is crucial to get the most out of your purchase. Whether you’re wanting to spend quality time with family, looking to cruise around the world, wanting to offset ownership costs with yacht chartering, or you’re a sailing enthusiast who enjoys the very essence of yachting, Edmiston has the right yacht for you.

In our guide to finding the right yacht, we look at all the key features that help determine a yacht’s suitability and showcase some of the best yachts currently for sale.

Family Focussed Yachts

There are many factors to consider for families, such as the number of guests onboard, the types of activities you’re wanting to do, and the required spaces for dining, entertainment and relaxation. In all instances, useable space is crucial. Yachts with large sundecks and beach clubs, along with access to spas and pools is often at the top of the list. This will allow you to enjoy each other’s company and spend quality time together. For multi-generational family holidays, having sufficient cabin accommodation is another important consideration. And if you’re looking to make the most out of your water surroundings, the availability of toys and tenders should also be factored in.

Of Edmiston’s fleet of yachts for sale, LADY BEATRICE brings a sense of home to the water with her soft, traditional and welcoming interior design and layout. She accommodates up to 16 guests across eight cabins, making her an ideal luxury yacht for large families.


N2H’s exterior deck space is all about entertainment, relaxation and of course, the water. She features a 3.5-metre swimming pool with its own waterfall and a large swimming platform that provides fantastic water access and comes with a submersible swimming ladder, creating a versatile outdoor area to spend days out on the water with kids.

One of the highlights of the HELIOS 2 is her spectacular sun deck, which features an iconic hexagonal Jacuzzi with sun pads bordering it. On the aft deck, there’s multiple loungers and sofas to soak up the sun and an airconditioned alfresco dining area, ideal for entertaining the family in complete comfort during scorching hot days.

Yachts with World Cruising Capabilities

A trend we have seen in recent years is the demand for luxury yachts that are capable of cruising for long distances. Key to these yachts’ suitability, are several factors. On a performance level, these motor yachts require tank reserves which can sustain long distances without the need to refuel, along with engines and hull designs which are suitable for the regions they are travelling in. In terms of comfort and entertainment, these yachts tend to be larger in every aspect, often featuring expansive decks across multiple levels, with large dining and entertainment spaces and multiple toys and tenders onboard.

When it comes to size and luxury, the 80m Y701 delivers. Her design gives off a sophisticated five-star hotel feel, and the enormous main salon is made for entertaining, capable of converting to a cinema room to host up to 18 guests onboard.

SAVANNAH is all about entertainment with her toys and tenders. She features a 9.5m limousine tender and a 9.5m sport tender, along with an enormous toy collection of Seadoos, Seabobs, electric surfboards, laser sailboats, SUPs, Efoils, kayaks, specialised Roubaix bikes, diving and snorkelling gear, a water slide, towables, and more to play with. There’s even an onboard basketball court and golf driving range.

Being able to truly enjoy your surroundings is incredibly important when you’re at sea for extended periods of time. MOATIZE embraces the outdoors, featuring a 360-dgree sun deck with a raised Jacuzzi, aft deck areas which are filled with loungers and seating, and most impressively, a dining room amidship which can be enjoyed in any weather thanks to its glass walls.

Buying a Yacht Ready to Charter

If you want to offset ownership costs, then you should seriously consider making your yacht available for charter. This can provide you with additional income, while ensuring your yacht is being continually serviced and maintained by staff onboard.

There are many factors that make certain types of yachts ideal for charter, with a lot of them being the same reasons why you chose to purchase the yacht in the first instance. These include the yacht’s condition, size, versatility of dining or entertainment areas and accommodation, along with sunbathing areas, beach club amenities and toys and tenders. Edmiston offers a range of yachts for sale that meet these requirements and have a proven track record of successful charters.

JAGUAR is all about leisure onboard. She boasts a spacious sundeck and deluxe Jacuzzi which is complemented by sun pads to create the perfect space for rest and relaxation. Additionally, she includes a sit-up bar, reclining sun loungers with parasols and an alfresco dining arrangement, giving guests the space for the perfect day, all in the one spot.

With an expansive 140 square metre sundeck, SILVER FOX is the largest in her class. This outstanding outdoor space provides multiple areas for relaxation and play, with a shaded seating area, an additional outdoor dining space, deluxe sun loungers, and a Jacuzzi. For clients that want a fun dining experience outdoors, there is a state-of-the-art BBQ setup that provides an exclusive chef’s table beneath the starlit sky which is perfect for parties.

Yachts for sailing enthusiasts

Sailing yachts all depend on the way you intend to sail. Some yachts are born to be raced, with lightweight designs, stripped back of the more luxury elements and toys, and instead, focused on the art of sailing. Others are designed to cruise between islands and around the coastline, allowing you to anchor at bays along the way, entertain guests and take the toys and tenders out on the water. Other important factors to consider are how much space you require throughout the vessel as the salon, galley, cabins and decks all vary significantly depending on the construction of the sailing yacht.

The ANTARA yacht is a best-in-class example of Perini Navi’s expertise in building a high-performance vessel that can easily compete in the most prestigious superyacht regattas, having wins at the St Barths bucket, the Superyacht Cup and the Perini Navi Cup.

For yachts that are made to enter picturesque harbours or be lowered for genuine performance sailing, MIRASOL is an ideal option. Not only can she circumnavigate the coast with ease, but she also features a large and comfortable cockpit, perfect for al fresco dining and appreciating the view.

And for those who are after a sailing yacht that embraces luxury in all its finer details and is truly a pleasure to sail and handle, then the pedigree yacht, CROSSBOW is the one for you.

For more information on our yachts for sale and finding a yacht that is suitable for your requirements, get in touch with the Edmiston brokerage team today.


07 February 2024

Written by:

Jack Hartley