Edmiston partners with TAG Aviation for the ultimate luxury charter service

Edmiston partners with TAG Aviation for the ultimate luxury charter service

Edmiston and private air charter company, TAG Aviation, have joined forces to provide a comprehensive bespoke package, combining premium yacht services with the very best in private aviation for an unparalleled travel experience.

The inclusive service will enable Edmiston to provide inclusive yacht and aircraft quotations to clients, which will ensure an easy and seamless transition from jet to yacht and enable clients to travel in the safest and most discreet manner.

Established in 1966, TAG Aviation has set the benchmark for aircraft charter, acquisition, maintenance, training and FBO and have gone above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service in the sky and on the ground. As a renowned world leader in private and business aviation, TAG boasts an unrivalled reputation for safety and operational excellence, both as an operator but also as the most reliable and trustworthy broker in the business.

Like Edmiston, TAG Aviation strives to provide an exceptional level of customer service and an uncompromising approach to safety. Both companies offer supreme comfort, efficiency, flexibility, privacy, and personal service – resulting in a hassle-free experience for our discerning customers.

As part of the partnership, Edmiston European clients who are new to TAG, will be offered a credit of £1000, €1000 or 1,000 CHF at the opening of their TAG One account, useable immediately for their first booking.

Joanne Goodall, Chief Executive Officer TAG Aviation Europe, says: “At TAG, the client is at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly evolving our service offerings and partnerships, always looking for ways to offer more value to our customers. Edmiston is one of the leaders in its field, sharing our culture of excellence, values and client base making it an ideal partner for future collaboration. Such an alliance enables us to make it even easier for clients to have access to a more comprehensive service extending their trips beyond a flight.”

Edmiston was keen to partner with TAG as it wanted to work with a company that operates a top-level service, while minimising its impact on the environment. TAG Aviation’s sustainability programme, which includes carbon offsetting and a partnership with ClimateCare, aligns with Edmiston’s own sustainability commitments.

Jamie Edmiston, Chief Executive of Edmiston, says: “We are pleased to announce this new partnership between Edmiston and TAG Aviation – a leader in the world of private and business aviation. We look forward to working closely with TAG Aviation’s team of global experts to enhance and enrich our service offerings and to provide our clients with integrated seamless and bespoke solutions to their (often complex) travel requirements.”

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It’s also important to think about life on board and the level of service you will expect, as this will influence the number of crew you will need.


02 December 2021

Written by:

Caroline Munier