Edmiston News: On-board with Simply Learning Tuition for immersive learning while you travel

Children never stop learning. Make sure it’s nothing but the best with a live-in tutor to enrich the minds of your little ones in a fun and adventure-seeking setting

Charter holidays are a time to totally unwind, put your feet up and switch off. That said, for young and inquisitive minds, there’s also never a better time to learn about the world around them in an exciting and engaging way. Now, you can take it one step further. Edmiston has partnered with Simply Learning Tuition to provide the best onboard tutoring opportunities for children of all ages and requirements.

Edmiston have recently launched a series of educational charter opportunities, combining travel with learning that’s a million miles from ‘school’ as you know it. These charters bring schoolwork into the real world – whether that be exchanging the history books for a stroll around ancient Greek and Roman ruins, practicing their French whilst buying fresh fruit and pastries in a charming seaside market, or poring over priceless artworks and architecture first-hand rather than seeing it in a textbook. What’s most important, is that these experiences are with professionals who know how to bring these fantastic destinations to life; SLT tutors shed light on the most interesting bits of history and culture, whilst ensuring that academic standards are not compromised.

Having a tutor onboard can be a fantastic help, not just in terms of academic progression, but because they can double up as a mentor – an adult, who isn’t a parent, that can naturally help children develop new skills and confidence. Imagine your child ‘s school day consisting of scuba diving and exploring the ancient fort off the Cote D’Azur; this was the memorable experience of one family who have used Simply Learning Tuition throughout their yacht charter. The tutoring process not only gives your child a study buddy, but they also gain a friend to join them on their adventures.

Yacht-based tutors are brilliant all-rounders; whether students just need that extra motivation and last push in specific subjects ahead of their GCSEs, or to fill in the gaps with maths and science ahead of a new term at school, Simply Learning Tuition’s (SLT) highly qualified tutors will weave this seamlessly into the programme without getting in the way of a good holiday. SLT are one of the UK’s leading providers of yacht-based private tutors, and are now offering first-class onboard tutors for our charter guests.

In addition to the outstanding tutoring onboard your charter, Simply Learning Tuition also provide independent advice on UK school and university placements. This has been transformative for many families who have been considering applying to school’s or universities in the UK, but just need that touch of expert guidance to ensure that there is a smooth transition for their children, no matter their age.

If you want your children to get ahead while on holiday, why not book a tutor to keep their minds active and learning new skills, prepping for exams and taking away the back-to-school stress with coaching in the areas they need it most?

A Cultural Education

Though a relatively new offering, Edmiston’s educational charters have proved incredibly popular with guests who want to ensure that their children’s academic achievements don’t slide while they are away and make the most of the unique learning opportunities when travelling by yacht. From testing out their language skills to seeing ancient civilisations in situ, it’s all about bringing the classroom to life.

Exam Preparation

SLT tutors are not only highly experienced in teaching core subjects at all levels – from numeracy and literacy in young children to prepping young adults for university entrance exams – but they can also prepare academic tours based around your itinerary, using the destinations you visit as pillars around which to teach. Their roster of tutors have both subject and specific exam board expertise, meaning you can be linked up with the ideal tutor for GCSE, IGCSE, A Levels, IB and more.

Beyond just exams, SLT tutors are committed to ensuring that every child fulfils their potential and by working one-to-one they can instil a confidence in children that can be truly transformative.

Edmiston Chairman Jamie Edmiston believes there’s a natural synergy between yachting holidays and private tuition: “Our charter clients benefit tremendously from the support of a professional tutor on board,” he says. “Personally, I have used SLT’s services for many years, and feel confident to recommend them to my clients.”

Two kids playing piano on a family yacht charter in the Mediterranean

Instant Online Access

Tuition can also be delivered online for guests who would rather not have a tutor on board, with the enormous advantage of having access to the very best tutors wherever you happen to be. What’s more, if your family is moving around, online tuition provides your child with consistency and a familiar face – someone who will make sure they’re fully on top of their work and enjoying it.

Building a Better Future

As well as helping create the brightest possible academic future for your little ones, both Edmiston and Simply Learning Tuition are passionate about growing awareness around clean ocean projects and marine conservation. What better time to share this passion with the younger generation than while living and breathing the ocean life, swimming along coral reefs and witnessing it first-hand? We are working closely with Conservation Collective Med, a series of initiatives which aim to protect our marine environments for future generations. Teaching around these initiatives can be incorporated into the syllabus, broadening knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Simply Learning Tuition are specialists at tailoring their service to best suit your needs; with a long history of working with families who travel extensively and spend a lot of time on the water, feel rest assured that your expectations will be met to the highest standard. Whether it be a for short-term family holiday that you require assistance, or perhaps you are after a longer-term tutor who can provide continuous education during your family’s travels cross the ocean, you can guarantee that your family will be best fulfilled no matter the circumstance.

Living in close quarters for a long period of time could be considered a difficult situation for some, but with SLT’s expertise you will be matched with the perfect tutor for your family – it won’t be long after their arrival onboard that they will feel like an additional family member. SLT founder, Nathaniel McCullagh says, ‘I remember fondly my various experiences tutoring onboard yachts – living in close quarters with the family and being able to bring the learning to life as we sailed the high seas and docked in various exotic places’.

So, with programmes tailored to you and your family’s needs, isn’t it time you broaden your children’s horizons?

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11 November 2022

Written by:

Caroline Munier