Edmiston is proud to partner with Maddox Gallery

Edmiston is proud to partner with Maddox Gallery

Edmiston are proud to announce official sponsorship of ‘Changing Lanes’, the latest exhibition by contemporary photographic artist David Yarrow, opening in Gstaad later

Yachting provides the freedom to reach new places, to explore the unknown, and to experience adventures unbound; a concept not unfamiliar to photographic artist, David Yarrow.

Renowned for capturing isolated locations and communities, we are excited to announce our partnership with Maddox Gallery for ‘Changing Lanes’, which comes to Gstaad after a successful run at their London locations and is set to showcase a variety of new works captured throughout the pandemic.

Reputed for his dramatic and highly evocative black and white imagery, Yarrow fuses the knowledgeable approach of David Attenborough and the natural world with the visual drama of Ridley Scott and the exquisite composition of Ansel Adams.

With many of the pieces inspired by popular culture or hit Hollywood films – from Bonnie and Clyde to Thelma & Louise, American Beauty to Fargo – and featuring supermodels, such as Cara Delevingne and Cindy Crawford, Yarrow simultaneously plays with cultural iconography whilst transcending borders, transporting viewers to a world where sublime natural beauty, history and cinematic drama collide.

The son of Eric Yarrow, an active part of the shipbuilding dynasty in Glasgow, David Yarrow has shown a continued commitment to charitable causes and the protection of wildlife by fundraising for various NGOs as well as organisations like the British NHS.

As part of this exhibition, Yarrow collaborated on a piece with wildlife conservationist
Kevin Richardson to create an image entitled ‘Catwalk’, which features an adult male lion called Vayetse surrounded by Zulu tribespeople. Captured only a couple of months ago in South Africa, the photograph will be shown in aid of the Kevin Richardson Foundation, a charity supporting the protection and conservation of the lion population. Both David Yarrow and Maddox Gallery will contribute a percentage of the proceeds to the charity.

Describing the concept behind the photograph, Yarrow said: “My instincts were to play on the vibe of a Paris catwalk – after all, we had access not just to any cat to strut down our catwalk, but the King of Africa; a magnificent adult male lion. I have been to enough fashion shows in my life to know that it’s a theatre and the attendees tend to be united in their passion and behaviour. There may be more cultural refinement in the Paris fashion
shows than at a club football match, but both theatres attract collective tribes.”

Founded in 2015, Maddox Gallery has quickly established itself as an international powerhouse within the world of contemporary and modern art. With five locations in London, Gstaad and Los Angeles showcasing some of the most respected blue-chip, established, and emerging artists, its galleries are welcoming spaces in which both seasoned and aspiring collectors can immerse themselves in the art world.

The ‘Changing Lanes’ exhibition is free to all and opens on 3 February at Maddox Gallery Gstaad, Switzerland, with all works also available to view online at www.maddoxgallery.com.

During the exhibition, there will be a unique opportunity to meet David Yarrow at the gallery and hear the story behind the making of ‘Changing Lanes’ on both Wednesday 16 February and Thursday 17 February at 6pm.

For any further information, please contact us.


31 January 2022

Written by:

Caroline Munier