Plastic Pollution
Plastic Pollution

Edmiston commits to further funding and ongoing support with the Conservation Collective for 2024

With the ocean being integral to the successful operation and future viability of the yachting industry, environmental philanthropy has always been a core commitment and focus for Edmiston. Since 2022, we have partnered with Conservation Collective, funding a range of effective grassroots conservation initiatives throughout the Balearics, Greece, and the Caribbean. These conservation programs are designed to make a positive and direct impact to both the environment and local communities through protection, restoration of nature, and safeguarding against climate change.

Following the success of last year’s projects, Edmiston is delighted to provide further funding and resources to these causes, supporting initiatives that are close to our heart with the Conservation Collective.

“We are delighted and hugely grateful to have the support of Edmiston for the third year in a row as we work to turbocharge marine restoration efforts in its portfolio of locations around the world.” Ben Goldsmith, Chair, Conservation Collective

Edmiston’s projects with the Conservation Collective for 2024

This year, our conservation efforts are centred around four key initiatives with the Cyclades Preservation Fund; Ionian Environment Foundation; Ibiza Preservation, Mallorca Preservation, and Menorca Preservation; Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust, and St Vincent & The Grenadines Environment Fund.

Ibiza Preservation
Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust

Small Cyclades Posidonia Alert – Cyclades Preservation Fund

Posidonia oceanica is one of the most important species of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem. Not only does it absorb an estimated 10 times more CO2 per hectare than the rainforest, but it provides vital feeding, spawning, and nursing grounds for native wildlife.

The Cyclades Posidonia Alert aims to raise awareness of the importance of Posidonia meadows for the Cyclades communities and ecosystems among tourists, residents, the nautical industry, business owners and students. This is achieved through education and engagement, along with protective and preventative measures enforced by local authorities.

RePosidonia – Ionian Environment Foundation

This long-term project aims to improve the data availability on Posidonia meadows in the Ionian islands, identify areas that require immediate intervention and ultimately, drive the designation of protected areas for the preservation of Posidonia and the Mediterranean marine ecosystem.

Digifish Barbados
Fishing boats

Calant Xarxes – Ibiza Preservation, Mallorca Preservation, Menorca Preservation

The Mediterranean is the most overfished sea in the world, with around 75% of the stocks being fished above sustainable limits. Calant Xarxes aims to find and apply solutions to end the issues of unsustainable and illegal fishing in the Balearics, through sustainable consumption and management, enforcement against illegal practices and education among fisher associations, local authorities, and consumers.

DigiFish – Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust

Due to data scarcity within the fisheries of Barbados and severe overfishing and marine pollution, the effective and sustainable management of fish populations within the region is significantly hindered. Project Digifish aims to promote the use of technology and innovative data analytics which will support an ecosystem approach to fisheries.

Marine Turtle Monitoring Network
Marine Turtle Monitoring Network

Marine Turtle Monitoring Network – St Vincent & the Grenadines Environment Fund

In 2017, a law was passed by the St Vincent & Grenadines Environment Fund, banning the killing of sea turtles. However, through recent monitoring funded by Edmiston, it has been discovered that poaching and consumption of turtle meat and eggs continues to occur — while coral reef, seagrass, and beach habitats are being destroyed through illegal sand mining and development, having a devastating effect on turtle populations. The aim of this project is to restore nesting and breeding grounds for turtles, while monitoring these areas through legal protection measures and to provide training and employment opportunities to support conservation efforts.

How can you help support Conservation Collective?

In order for these grassroots projects to continue to operate, the Conservation Collective needs financial support. If you would like to donate or find out more about this outstanding organization, please visit its website.


17 April 2024

Written by:

Jack Hartley